Common men’s skin concerns and Dermoperfection’s solutions

Everybody’s skin is different and deserves a bespoke treatment plan – especially when it’s created by Dermoperfection’s expert clinicians!

And as November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, we are looking at the skin concerns that commonly affect men and how to treat them at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic. 

This includes:

Oily skin and acne – oil production in men’s skin tends to be double that of women’s, and that in turn can result in acne. This can especially be noticed underneath and around facial hair, and on the back. Some ways this can be treated includes:

  • DiamondGlow facial
  • INTRAcel Pro
  • Professional skin peels e.g., PCA Skin NoPeel Peel

Photoageing and hyperpigmentation – if you have had more exposure to the sun due to lifestyle, or don’t apply daily SPF, you may have noticed the appearance of age spots, lines and hyperpigmentation. However, this can be tackled with:

  • Mesoestetic Microneedling
  • INTRAcel Pro
  • Obagi Nu Derm 

Fine lines and wrinkles – although fine lines and wrinkles are a common sign of ageing for everyone, men tend to have deeper and more severe wrinkles than women. We have plenty of treatments for this at Dermoperfection, which we dub “bro-esthetics”, such as:

  • Profhilo
  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal fillers (Juvederm and Aliaxin)
  • ULTRAcel Q+

Dark circles – whether its genetics, sleeping habits, sun exposure or ageing has given you dark circles under the eyes, we know they can make you feel self-conscious. So, we recommend:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Professional skin peels
  • Obagi/PCA Skin products

Hair loss – there’s many reasons why you may experience hair loss – this can be hereditary, hormonal changes, medical conditions or simply ageing. However, we have a Mesoestetic Microneedling solution for this, which can revitalise and strengthen your hair!

Do you want to restore confidence in your skin again? Speak to us! We welcome many male patients to our clinic, who want to see a real difference when it comes to looking after their skin. 

You won’t find a more trustworthy clinic for your treatments – we have over 40 years’ experience between us, so book a free consultation with our team today.

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