Spooky myths about treatments and skincare

Spooky season has arrived, and there’s nothing scarier than these myths about aesthetic treatments and skincare!

Don’t let any of this trick you though – with Dermoperfection’s expert clinicians, we can treat you to a bespoke skin care plan based on your skin concerns and goals!

Here are some of the most common myths debunked:

Anti-wrinkle injections will leave you with a frozen face

We’ve all seen the “surgery gone wrong” articles with celebrities who have a “frozen face” – but our clinicians ensure anti-wrinkle injection results are natural and still allow for expression. We perfectly place your injection where lines and wrinkles have formed, for effortlessly anti-ageing effects. 

Or I will be left with a trout pout after lip fillers

Trusted clinicians would never inject too much into your lips – using leading brands Juvederm and Aliaxin, we typically inject 0.5-1ml of filler per session. We can safely add more volume in a top-up session, ensuring natural but noticeable results.

I’ll look older after treatments wear off

Don’t let this spook you off getting aesthetic treatments – in fact, after treatments like anti-wrinkle injections are repeated, there is less need to reapply to relax the muscle, and fine lines and wrinkles look better than their initial state after it has worn off. 

Aesthetic treatments are only for people of a certain age

We welcome a huge range of ages to our Birmingham skin clinic, from people looking to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles, to those who want to turn back the hands of time. Plus, aesthetic treatments aren’t only for anti-ageing – they work for acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring and general skin rejuvenation!

Surgery is the only option for meaningful results

The age of non-surgical treatments really is here, and Dermoperfection are specialists in them! None of our most popular options, including Profhilo, dermal fillers, INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+, involve surgery, but they all offer both instant and long-lasting rejuvenation!

I have to pick only one treatment for my skin

With your bespoke treatment plan created by our expert clinicians, we may combine more than one treatment to give optimal results! However, our treatments are amazing standalone too. 

Aesthetic treatments are only for women

We welcome patients of all genders to our clinic! Some popular treatments for men are dermal fillers, for sculpting the chin and jawline, DiamondGlow to remove dirt and debris, unlocking healthy, glowing skin, and Microneedling, tackling concerns from hyperpigmentation to hair loss. 

If I can get the same treatment for cheaper then I should

Buy cheap, buy twice definitely applies to treatments! If you choose the cheapest option, you put yourself at risk of being with an untrained provider, with less trusted or even unsafe treatment brands that you’ll spend more money on correcting. 

Invest in the best with Dermoperfection’s team, who have 10 years of experience and have performed over 25,000 treatments, and use only the most trusted, award-winning treatment brands!

Proper skincare is a waste of money 

If you want to see meaningful results from your skincare routine, we recommend Obagi Medical and PCA Skin, the skincare brands we’re ambassadors for at Dermoperfection! Their products have higher levels of active ingredients and are designed for maximum penetration. They are also designed for more specific skin types and concerns compared to over-the-counter products.

Now we’ve disproved all these scaries, why not book a free consultation at Dermoperfection? We’re the best in Birmingham for aesthetic skin treatments! We can’t wait for you to visit us. 

The best skin treatments for menopause at Dermoperfection

We want you to feel your very best in your skin at all ages – and if your skin looks or feels different during menopause, Dermoperfection can help!

The drop in oestrogen during menopause can result in drier skin, age spots and breakouts. However with our unbeatable treatment and product range, we can tackle these concerns and restore your confidence!

Visit our purpose-built clinic for the best treatments in Birmingham, including:

Profhilo – this treatment is most well known as an “injectable moisturiser”, acting as a sponge to retain moisture in your skin, but it’s more than just that! Profhilo is also a hugely popular anti-ageing treatment, remodelling the ageing and sagging tissue. 

This can be used to boost hydration and restore youthfulness on the face, neck, décolletage, abdomen, thighs…and more!

INTRAcel Pro if you’ve noticed acne or breakouts since menopause, INTRAcel Pro is a fantastic option for you. We are exclusive providers of this radiofrequency microneedling treatment in the West Midlands, btw!

The thermal energy from this treatment not only destroys the cause of acne, but also resurfaces the skin to repair scarring. This can also double up to restore youthfulness, as it can lift and tighten the face and body.

Microneedling – one of Dermoperfection’s most versatile treatments, Mesoestetic microneedling boosts collagen and allows active ingredients into the skin to tackle your menopause concerns, including age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and even hair loss.

Skin peels – uncover your best skin yet with this treatment option! These tackle the key skin concerns experienced during menopause (acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles) whilst also allowing the greater absorption of active ingredients from your other products.

We recommend upgrading your skincare routine too, so your skin feels great every day even during menopause. We can make suggestions on what will suit you from the Obagi, PCA Skin and Cyspera products offered at our medical skin clinic.

Want to create “the best version of you” during menopause? Get in touch with us today and visit our luxury clinic at The Mailbox.

Dermoperfection is now in The Tweakments Guide!

We are very excited to announce that Dermoperfection is now in The Tweakment Guide!

Tweakments have become hugely popular over the past couple of years – these are non-surgical procedures used to rejuvenate the skin. Some of our most popular tweakments include Profhilo, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+!

The Tweakment Guide was created by Alice Hart-Davis, who has been writing about tweakments for over 20 years! In the past couple of years, she has used the guide to inform people on where to go to find outstanding practitioners.

And this is where we come in! You already know about our 10+ years’ experience and 25,000 treatments performed, and we are thrilled to feature in this valuable guide so new faces that want to be in the safest hands can find us.

To see Stuart, Dermoperfection’s founder and director’s practitioner profile on The Tweakments Guide, please click here.

Not only was Stu one of the earliest specialists to be selected for training for the multi-award winning Profhilo, but he is now one of the most experienced and reputable providers of this treatment!

As well as this, through his training at the Allergan Medical Institute, Stu is an expert in Juvéderm, one of the leading dermal filler brands available.

Here at Dermoperfection, we are committed to providing safe and effective treatments, bespoke to each patient’s concerns and needs.

Our ethos is to create the “best version of you” and we want you to feel amazing both inside and out after your appointment with us!

Don’t settle for any less than the best when it comes to your tweakments – choose the West Midlands’ most trusted practitioners today here at Dermoperfection!

At-home vs in-clinic microneedling: which is better?

Microneedling is one of the most popular treatments at our medical skin clinic, and we use the Mesoestetic m.pen[pro] to deliver the most effective results to our patients.

However, microneedling can also be done at home – even though it may be seen as a quicker or easier option, we think in-clinic microneedling treatments are worth the time and money!

But why is microneedling at a skin clinic better? This is why we suggest visiting us at Dermoperfection for this treatment:

  • Nothing beats experience – performing any treatment on yourself can be tricky, especially if you haven’t done it before, but our expert clinicians have been doing microneedling treatments for over 10 years!
  • Professional needles are longer – this means a greater absorption of the active ingredients, maximising results for skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.
  • You can’t get the same device at home – only professionals can use a derma pen (at-home microneedling usually uses a derma roller); the derma pen is much gentler on the skin, making it almost pain-free.
  • You need fewer sessions – amazing results are visible after only one microneedling appointment with us, however we typically recommend a course of up to 6 sessions. In contrast, it takes 3-6 months of frequent microneedling at home to see a difference.
  • You can combine microneedling with other treatments in-clinic – some of Dermoperfection’s treatments that complement microneedling perfectly include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and professional-grade peels.

Your skin deserves the best, and we are the best in Birmingham for microneedling treatments! We also have a very special microneedling course offer, giving you 6 sessions for the price of 4 at just £600 (saving £300).

Choose Dermoperfection if you want to be in Birmingham’s safest hands – book your free consultation with us today.

What is rosacea and how can it be treated?

What is rosacea?

This inflammatory condition is most commonly associated with redness of the face, particularly for those with fair skin. This affects millions of people here in the UK. 

This is susceptible to flaring up, often in cycles – many will experience symptoms for weeks or months at a time, then they will go away, and then return again.

Symptoms of rosacea include:

  • Redness and flushing
  • Red, pus-filled bumps
  • Tiny broken veins
  • Eye problems
  • Enlarged nose

To find out more about what rosacea is, visit our conditions page.

Is rosacea treatable?

Although there isn’t a cure for rosacea, Dermoperfection can offer solutions that can minimise your symptoms!

Our DiamondGlow facial can rejuvenate skin affected by rosacea – this treatment uses breakthrough 3 in 1 technology to simultaneously extract, exfoliate and infuse the skin. The professionals at our medical skin clinic then choose condition specific serums tailored to your needs. 

We can also make skin care recommendations with our Obagi range – the medical skin care brand we offer at our clinic, which we have been proud ambassadors of for 3 years now!

For example, if your rosacea flares up after sun exposure, we will recommend your perfect sunscreen for daily use, such as the Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF50.

And a daily essential for all, including rosacea sufferers, is the Obagi Hydrate moisturiser, which provides hydration for up to 8 hours. 

Unleash your skin’s full potential with a bespoke treatment plan created by Dermoperfection’s expert clinicians – we can’t wait to welcome you to Dermoperfection to help tackle rosacea!

Treating scars and stretch marks at Dermoperfection

Dermoperfection’s ethos at our medical skin clinic is to create the “best version of you” – and we want you to feel your very best in your own body!

Scars are formed by the body’s natural response to injury, where extra collagen is produced to heal the area, whilst stretch marks are streaks that appear on the skin’s surface due to growth or weight fluctuation.

We understand these can make you feel self-conscious, so we provide the most effective solutions to tackle these and bring back your confidence!

Our treatment recommendations for scars and stretch marks include:


Our Mesoestetic microneedling is a hugely versatile treatment for a host of concerns, including scarring and stretch marks! The skin is repeatedly punctured with tiny, sterile needles to boost collagen (this makes the skin firmer and tighter) and infuse the skin with active ingredients.

Our practitioners choose your microneedling solution based on what you want to tackle, and the skinmark solution is suggested for scars and stretch marks, as it stimulates cell repair and restructures breakage to provide elasticity and firmness to the affected areas.

INTRAcel Pro

Exclusively for you…it’s INTRAcel Pro!

We are exclusive providers of this treatment in Birmingham, which uses radiofrequency microneedling for an incredible tightening effect, which works perfectly for stretch marks.

INTRAcel Pro is also great for scarring, including those caused by acne – the thermal energy destroys the cause of acne, whilst resurfacing the skin to repair the scars. 


Profhilo is creating a huge amount of buzz for so many reasons – and you can add treating stretch marks to that list!

Profhilo is used on lax, crepey skin across the face and body, so you can effectively and naturally reduce stretch marks that are getting you down. 


Feel fantastic from head to toe with DiamondGlow!

Yes, that’s right, our DiamondGlow (formerly Envy) treatment can be used on the body, with its adjustable depth tip treating various concerns – the lower settings are chosen if you want to tackle stretch marks around the breasts and abdomen. 

DiamondGlow is also LOVED by patients for treating mild acne scarring, whilst leaving your skin feeling refreshed and re-energised. 

We ensure treatments are bespoke to you, whether you’re tackling scarring, stretch marks – or both! We may recommend a course of treatments for the most effective results or suggest a treatment combination for you.

Don’t forget, we’re always here for you! Our expert clinicians welcome any questions you have, and you can book a free, no-obligation consultation to discover more about your perfect treatment plan.

Remember, nothing beats experience – choose Birmingham’s most trusted clinic, Dermoperfection, for your aesthetic treatments!

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