Treatments for the neck and neck lifting in Birmingham

The neck is always a tell-tale sign of ageing but help is at hand – non-invasive neck lift treatments are available in our Birmingham clinic that are often simple and straightforward procedures and usually highly effective outcomes. There are number of treatment options to tighten and redefine the neck and jaw line to regain a youthful neckline, contoured and lifted appearance.

A non surgical approach to neck lifts are sometimes called a no-knife neck lift but quite often referred to as a ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ based on the Egyptian queen, renowned for her beauty and elegant neckline.

Treatment for a neck lift (sometimes described as ‘turkey neck’) is through botulinum toxin injections, RF needling (radiofrequency) or High intensity focussed ultrasound skin tightening technology (HIFU).

Best procedures for neck tightening and lifting and how to achieve a neck lift without surgery.

Botox for turkey neck

Botulinum toxin injections (botox)  works as a muscle relaxant, tightening and redefining the neck and jawline.

The treatment is injected superficially to the platysma muscle to relax this and this will offer a youthful and lifted appearance to the neck. The platysma is a broad sheet of superficial muscle arising from the chest, shoulders where the muscle fibres cross the collarbone up through the neck and connecting above the jawline.

Neck bands in the platysma become most noticeable with age and these band pull in upward and downward directions, which can often contribute to am aging and sagging appearance.

Non-surgical neck lift with Profhilo

Profhilo is a great way to treat necks that have a mild lines or sagging. Profhilo uses a unique and patented 100% ultra pure hyaluronic acid formulation that is totally different to standard hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments. Profhilo does not add volume to the areas treated, instead is work to encourage the production of 4 different types of collagen and elastin whilst increasing the skin hydration and moisture levels. This process is called bioremodelling.

When profhilo is carefully and precisely placed across areas of skin laxity on the neck via a BAP technique, this helps to restore structure and smoothness to the skin on the neck and can give the impression of a subtle lift and tighter appearance to the skin. 

We are Birminghams leading profhilo clinic and the only independent medical clinic within Birmingham inner city centre and mailbox recognised as authorised provider and have received HA-Derma training.

Silhouette Soft®️ thread lifting

Thread lifting can be an effective treatment for neck lifting, in clinic we offer a premium thread treatment Silhouette Soft which has unique technology with lifting capability and regenerating the skin with collagen stimulation. Treatment is carried out using re-absorbable poly-L-lactic acid (or PLA) sutures and is only carried out be experienced clinical hands.

The number of threads used depends on the areas of the neck to be treated. consultation and patients selection is key the success of thread suture treatments. This is not a treatment for everyone.

HIFU for neck lift 

High-intensity focussed ultrasound is available in the clinic within the mailbox Birmingham. Hifu is a tried-and-tested ultrasound technology that gradually strengthens your skin from deep within. This treatment will lift, tighten and contour the neck and jawline through advanced technology. Results can usually be seen from around 6-10 weeks following treatment.

HIFU targets the muscle layer called SMAS deep within the skin to rapidly heat up the tissue, which will create lifting and collagen stimulation. This is a painless, fast and comfortable treatment with fantastic results for lifting the mid-face, jawline and neck.

Fractional Radiofrequency RF Microneedling neck lift
RF microneedling is an effective and safe non-surgical face and neck lift treatment that combines radiofrequency technology and microneedling to target wrinkles, fine lines and other skin-related conditions. This advanced technology treatment will restore the appearance of the skin’s laxity and crepey features to provide a youthful and refreshed look.

This treatment works by promoting the formation of new collagen production and stimulating old collagen from within the dermis skin layers.

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