Profhilo Structura

At a Glance

Profhilo Structura is an innovation in regenerative injectables, set to take the aesthetics world by storm!

This hyaluronic acid (HA) based injectable is the first of its kind specifically designed for adipose tissue restoration, and is clinically proven for reversing ageing, particularly sagging around the cheek and eye area.

Profhilo Structura doesn’t add volume, but rather it increases the skin’s thickness and thus the structure of the face. This creates a gentle softening, firming and hydrating effect!

The treatment frequency is two sessions one month apart, with a follow-up after 4 months.

What does the Profhilo Structura treatment entail?

Profhilo Structura is injected using a cannula into the preauricular area using a protocol that evaluates your individual facial structure, including midface projection, hollows, skin laxity and density.

Model for Profhilo Structura.

Who is the ideal candidate for Profhilo Structura?

Those who will see the greatest benefit from this revolutionary treatment include:

  • “Saggers” – those with tissue droop fat bulges, who have seen a loss in support in the skin and soft tissue leading to increased laxity and skin descendance.
  • “Sinkers” – those showing a sunken or hollow appearance, with an increased visibility in bone structure. This is especially prominent around the temples and under the cheekbones.

Benefits of Profhilo Structura

  • Skin thickness is improved by 23%.
  • No downtime – patients can resume daily life immediately after treatment.
  • Minimal discomfort during procedure. 
  • Clinical trials show 95% noticed lasting enhancements in the midface area after the first treatment, with this improvement sustained three months later.
  • Natural results, as it’s made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA naturally occurs within our bodies)!
  • Effects lasting up to 4 months. 
  • Alternative to fillers and more invasive treatments for firming the cheek area.

What is the difference between Profhilo and Profhilo Structura?

Both have amazing anti-ageing effects, however Profhilo Structura is different as it targets fat tissue restoration, whilst Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser and bio-remodeller. 

Profhilo Structura has also been dubbed a “double strength Profhilo” due to its higher HA content.

The injection sites also differ, with Profhilo Structura is injected in the upper and outer part of the cheeks, whereas Profhilo can be injected into other facial and body areas depending on individual treatment goals.

Due to their different uses, you can even combine Profhilo and Profhilo Structura for enhanced effects, as advised by your clinician. Read more about Profhilo at Dermoperfection here.

Why choose Dermoperfection for your Profhilo Structura?

Dermoperfection in Birmingham was one of the very first clinics to offer Profhilo when it was launched, and now we are one of the first to offer the exciting new Structura to our patients!

We have a team of medically trained injectors who tailor every treatment to the individual, with your treatment goals being discussed in a bespoke consultation prior.

Plus, we have over 13 years experience and have completed 35,000+ treatments, so you couldn’t be in safer hands than with our skilled and friendly clinicians!

If you’ve noticed a change in your facial structure and the effects of gravity around the cheeks and eyes, and want a subtle but noticeable treatment to restore youthfulness, enquire today about Profhilo Structura.

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