Silhouette Soft

The future of anti-ageing is here at Dermoperfection’s aesthetics clinic in Birmingham with the Silhouette Soft suture (thread) lift!

This treatment uses resorbable sutures to correct and tighten the midface, jawline, eyebrows and neck. 

Upon clinician recommendation, Silhouette Soft uses a 12-cone short suture, which offers more control and even more optimised results!

This is a minimally invasive procedure that patients are loving as an alternative to surgery – there is also little downtime and you will see natural looking results. 

Silhouette Soft is renowned for its dual effect, as it enhances instantly and regenerates gradually, giving you results that last for up to 2 years!

The Silhouette Soft suture lift is only available from medical skin and cosmetic clinics like Dermoperfection – and since we are CQC-regulated, we have the scope to perform this medical skin treatment!

Come speak to our expert clinicians today and book your Silhouette Soft consultation at our premium Mailbox clinic!

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