Acne is a common skin condition where the skin’s pores become blocked, causing blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or spots on the face and body. 

Although many believe acne mainly occurs in teenagers, this can continue into adulthood, and there are many causes, including genetics, hormone levels (e.g. during periods/pregnancy) and other environmental triggers. 

We know acne can have a huge impact on your confidence, so we are here to help! 

Our trained skin specialists can provide a full skin analysis to determine the reason for the skin complaint, offering the best treatment options to combat acne and garnering the best possible results.

In addition to acne treatments, Dermoperfection also specialises in reducing acne scarring and offers a multitude of treatment options which encourage the body’s natural healing response, to reduce the appearance and improve skin texture.

Some of our top treatments to combat current acne and preventing future breakouts and scarring include:

  • Envy (DiamondGlow) facials.
  • Microneedling.
  • INTRAcel Pro – RF (Radio Frequency) 
  • Obagi/PCA Skin skin peels and medical grade products. 
  • SQT Bio Microneedling

Book your acne consultation with our medical skin specialists today to revitalise your skin and embrace your natural glow.

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