Make-up free in 3 months: acne treatment focus

We are doing a series on the best ways to go make-up free in 3 months with our treatments, and are focusing on how to target the specific concerns that are holding you back from going bare-faced. But which of the procedures at Dermoperfection are best to treat acne?

Acne is a common skin concern, with blackheads and whiteheads, red spots, pus-filled pimples and scars being most prevalent on the face, back and chest.

Even though there are products in your usual health stores that are said to help with acne, we believe treatments from our medical skin clinic are the best way to get to the root of the cause.

As it usually takes 2-4 months to demonstrate effectiveness of treatments on acne-prone skin, we recommend booking your treatments soon if you want to feel fabulous in your own skin during the summer months.

One of our most popular treatments for acne is an Envy facial, which is a face and body resurfacing treatment to exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver serum infusion for beautiful skin. It’s no secret that a build-up of dirt, debris and bacteria in the skin is a cause of acne, and this facial extracts this, with the results being visible in your very own waste jar.

Another one of our in-demand treatments is microneedling, so if acne scarring is holding you back from going make-up free, this may be perfect for you. Tiny, sterile needles puncture the skin not only to boost collagen production, but to allow active ingredients into the skin too. The Skinmark solution is great for treating these scars, but you can discover all the Mesoestetic solutions during your consultation.

We are exclusive providers of the INTRAcel Pro treatment in the West Midlands, so you won’t want to miss its acne treating technique here! INTRAcel Pro uses radiofrequency microneedling to produce thermal energy that destroys the cause of acne, whilst being able to resurface the skin to repair scarring, poor texture, lines and pores.

If you want to continue being make-up free whatever the weather, it’s important to complement your treatments with the best at-home skincare. We stock Obagi’s medical grade products at our skin clinic, which keep your skin looking fresh whilst also cleansing it of the bacteria that causes acne. You could also have one of our professional grade Obagi skin peels, for quick and easy skin rejuvenation!

One added bonus of not wearing make-up is that it can cause blocked pores, worsening acne. So being bare faced not only feels great, but also ensures your skin looks great for longer.

Therefore, if you want to find confidence in your make-up free face without having to worry about acne, book your consultation with our medical professionals today!

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