Uses of INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ beyond the face

With summer holidays and other adventures back on the cards for 2022, feeling confident in yourself is a must.

We are exclusive providers for INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ here in Birmingham, and you may have heard of these in regard to giving the glow back to your face, but where else can these treatments help?

INTRAcel Pro is our fractional radiofrequency microneedling treatment, which not only corrects loose jowls, sagging skin under the chin, and fine lines on the face, but can also target sagging skin on tummy, arms, buttocks, knees and legs.

This treatment also corrects unwanted bulges that are commonly found following pregnancy or weight loss. Stretch marks and scars can also be targeted during INTRAcel.

A common skin concern is acne and acne scarring, and we know this can go beyond the face, so we definitely recommend this treatment to bring back confidence in your skin.

ULTRAcel Q+ uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat wrinkles, tighten and contour the skin both on the face and body.

HIFU boosts the production of collagen, which gives the skin its youthfulness. It also improves skin tone and texture, and targets stubborn fat deposits.

The benefits to the face are lifting the forehead, brows, mid and lower face, and neck, as well as tightening the chin, jaw and neck. Beyond this, ULTRAcel’s treatment areas on the body include the arms, legs, stomach, flanks, back, thighs and buttocks.

Since there’s a crossover in the benefits of INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+, we have combined them for our limited Ultralift offer this February. This deal gives you two of each treatment for only £1150, compared to the original price of £1600!

The Ultralift course is only available until the end of February, so book your consultation with us today and let’s begin the journey to loving your body!

All about Profhilo Haenkenium cream!

Profhilo is the on-trend treatment creating a real buzz in clinic at the moment! This injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue, for naturally radiant results.

As with any treatment, maintaining a good skincare routine afterwards is of great importance, which is why we are offering FREE Profhilo Haenkenium cream when you book your Profhilo with us this February.

But what is Profhilo Haenkenium cream? This topical formulation provides immediate skin hydration, natural antioxidant protection and long-term accumulative skin rejuvenation results.

This contains HA similarly to the injectable treatment, combined with Salvia Haenkei extract to enrich the formula and slow down the degradation of hyaluronic acid, prolonging the benefits of Profhilo even further.

Other benefits of using this cream include protection against premature ageing, caused by oxidative stress factors, such as diet, pollution and smoking, and counteracts damage from UV exposure.

Haenkenium also restores the skin barrier, skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and tone, as well as improving the quality, health and appearance of skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and alleviating skin irritation and redness, especially after your treatment.

This limited offer is too good to miss, so make sure you book your free consultation with us during February and experience the power of a Profhilo procedure and Haenkenium cream.

All your Silhouette Soft FAQs answered!

If you’re looking for a non-invasive suture procedure with beautiful results right here in Birmingham, Silhouette Soft at Dermoperfection may be the treatment for you.

You may have some questions about how this suture lift works, so we’ve covered some of the Silhouette Soft FAQs!

  • Why should I choose a Silhouette Soft thread lift?

It is the ideal treatment if you are looking for a non-invasive procedure that targets sagging of the cheeks and jawline, and laugh lines. It stimulates the skin’s collagen to create a firm, youthful appearance on the face.

  • How does Silhouette Soft work?

A suture is placed around the treatment area, with special cones to hold it into place. These then help reposition the skin to give a lifted appearance.

  • Who can have this treatment?

We will book you in for a consultation to decide on the suitability. It won’t be advised if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a history of autoimmune diseases, or under 18. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to any of the components of Silhouette Soft, we will also advise against the procedure.

  • Is Silhouette Soft safe?

The Silhouette Soft technique took several years to research and develop, and is now carried out by the most trusted professionals. We are also CQC registered, which ensures our medical staff are working to the highest standard.

  • Will it hurt?

Silhouette Soft is performed under local anaesthetic. You will be able to resume normal life the next day, but full recovery usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks.

  • Are there any side effects? 

Some patients have experienced temporarily rippled, puckered skin or light bruising. Medical risks may include infection, scarring and pain, however this is unlikely.

  • How long will the results last?

The results of a Silhouette Soft suture lift can last up to two years, however we can give you an individual estimation based on your age, skin, the amount of sutures and placement.

  • What do you recommend for aftercare?

Sun protection is vital; we always recommend wearing an SPF daily regardless of treatment. Also, avoid touching the treatment areas in the recovery period and avoid areas of intense heat e.g. saunas. Paracetamol may be helpful for any pain after the procedure.

Book your free, no-obligation consultation with us today and start your Silhouette Soft journey!

Is good skincare as effective as treatments for anti-ageing?

We often read about a “miracle” skincare product or the latest anti-wrinkle “must-have”, but are these simply buzzwords to make us buy more?

It’s no secret that having a good skincare routine is vastly important – and we stock products that can help you with your anti-ageing goals, that are prescribed so are more effective than your high street favourites.

As we get older, our skin gets more dehydrated, so it may take more than just drinking water to restore youthfulness. Obagi Hydrate Moisturiser is great for daily use, and is suitable for all skin types; this innovative moisturiser has a particular potency at reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, and leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

Obagi’s Professional C Serums are also anti-ageing essentials, which are packed with antioxidants that help minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and let the skin rebound from previous visible damage.

We have a range of treatment options that aid in reducing wrinkles and other signs of ageing, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers (Juvederm and Aliaxin), Profhilo, Envy facials, Silhouette Soft, INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ – many of these can be used in combination with each other for greater results!

Our treatment options are minimally invasive, and are administered by our medical professionals to ensure you are in the safest hands.

Although you will see amazing results shortly after your treatment, it often takes a course of treatments to keep your skin looking young and radiant. And between these treatments, it’s vital to continue looking after your skin to combat ageing – for example, you should ensure you wear a daily sunscreen to protect from the sun’s rays, such as Obagi’s Professional-C SPF30.

In conclusion, we believe it takes a combination of our innovative treatments and good skincare at home to see the full anti-ageing results. We believe skincare is a journey, so looking after it daily helps you reach your end goal.

To find out more about our skincare options and our various treatments, get in touch to book a consultation with our team today.

All about HIFU with ULTRAcel Q+

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a clinically proven non-surgical face lifting and body contouring treatment – and we are exclusive providers of the ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU for Birmingham!

In this treatment, the HIFU waves are beamed to a controlled targeted depth where thermal energy tightens and contracts underlying tissues, right down to the muscle layer where structural weakening starts, which are generally only improved by surgery.

This can treat wrinkles and tighten, lift and contour the skin around the body. Some of the key areas targeted are the face, neck, décolletage and other areas that lose definition, tone and elasticity, when collagen production naturally decreases.

Other benefits of ULTRAcel Q+ is improved skin texture, refined pore size, skin lifting and tightening, body contouring, facial sculpting and targeting stubborn fat, in a pain-free way with no recovery time.

For optimum results from your HIFU treatment, it is recommended that you have it every three months; 2-3 treatments are required on average, although everyone’s response is different and some may only need one. Factors that affect this include the degree of skin laxity and the individual’s collagen building process.

Following this course, top-ups are recommended once a year. This can help our patients keep pace with the body’s natural ageing process. However, effects from the treatment can be seen for up to two years!

So if you would like to see the amazing regenerative effects that HIFU can bring for yourself, make sure you book a consultation with us!

And for more information about the power of ULTRAcel Q+, you can read more here: ULTRAcel_Q+_Digital_Brochure

5 reasons why you shouldn’t get fillers from someone who isn’t a medical practitioner

As fillers grow in popularity, some people may seek low cost, quicker or easier to reach alternatives to visiting a respected medical practitioner. However, this can cause many problems regarding your looks and health, which is why you should only have fillers done by a trusted medical practitioner.

The team here at Dermoperfection have trained at some of the world’s most reputable and pioneering providers, giving you the confidence that you’re in safe and skilled hands whilst we achieve the “best version of you”.

Some of the reasons why you should avoid fillers from someone who is not qualified include:

  • They won’t assess your suitability for the treatment

A report from Save Face showed that up to 77% of people who complained about their fillers in 2020 had not received a face-to-face consultation with the prescriber prior to this. Our medical practitioners will always ensure you’re booked in for a consultation to determine your suitability, by carefully examining your skin and checking the feeling of your muscles.

These clinics are also less likely to be interested in your aftercare, one of the most important aspects of your treatment. Some patients have even said they were blocked online by these so-called professionals when following up about their fillers, however we are always here to answer any questions you may have. 

  • You will actually spend more than if you chose someone qualified  

Have you ever heard the phrase that choosing cheap means you’re spending more in the long run? This is definitely true of fillers, because although you will initially pay more with a proper medical practitioner, you can be assured you get the results you want, whereas if you skimp on price, you may end up with undesirable results that you will need to spend more money on correcting. 

  • You won’t get the natural results you’re looking for

Nobody wants to be told they have a “trout pout” or “frozen face” – our medical practitioners will only administer a certain amount of filler to ensure you look natural, whilst still creating noticeable results, whereas someone who isn’t qualified is less likely to follow guidelines, so could give you much more filler than you really need. You can always book further treatments to slowly top up the amount of filler you receive in a safe and natural looking way. 

  • You could experience a range of nasty side effects 

Medical practitioners undergo many years of training – and they are always advancing their knowledge too. Someone who doesn’t have medical training is more likely to make mistakes, which could result in serious infections, permanent scarring, drooping facial features, burst blood vessels and muscle paralysis. Some people have even reported experiencing skin necrosis (death of skin) in the area treated, which can require surgical intervention to cut it out, or a skin graft to correct. 

  • You won’t receive fillers from the most trusted brands

The brands we work with, like Juvederm and Aliaxin, have years of scientific research behind them to create safe and desirable results! In contrast, if you visit someone who isn’t qualified, you’re more at risk of receiving unknown fillers that were bought on the internet from overseas, in order to save on costs, which could be very harmful for your skin and body.

All accredited practitioners can be found on the Save Face website, who hold rigorous standards for non-surgical cosmetic treatments – you can find us on there! You can also check out their video about why you should ensure you only choose the safest hands:

So if you would like to get your fillers done by a vastly experienced team, to create results that look and feel good, please do not hesitate to book a no obligation consultation with Dermoperfection today.

All about Dermamelan: what is it?

Are you looking to target the signs of hyperpigmentation? Then Dermamelan may be the treatment for you!

Dermamelan is a skin peel that utilises organic acids to remove and suppress melanin, the cells that cause pigmentation. This treatment is suitable for all skin types – although it was designed for those with particularly bad pigmentation, it can also be used for minor pigmentation or sun damage as a quick fix.

Some of the pigmentation concerns this treatment can target include chloasma and melasma, which are brown patches on the skin occurring during hormonal changes, such as after pregnancy or using a contraceptive pill. It also treats post-inflammatory pigmentation after acne, and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage.

Additional benefits include more hydrated skin, reduced pore size, regulated sebum production and rejuvenation of the skin’s surface.

You will see results from your treatment within a week, and will see 80% improvement within the first month. To maintain this, ensuring you have a good skincare routine is vital, so we will advise you to use Dermamelan’s products following the peel. You may also require a top up treatment, usually after six months.

As with most of our treatments, avoiding direct exposure to the sun in the first week after Dermamelan is vital, and we recommend incorporating a sunscreen of at least SPF30 into your daily routine. You may also experience skin peeling in this time, so avoid picking or peeling off your skin as this can slow down recovery.

If you would like to find out more about this treatment and book a consultation with us, please don’t hesitate to book in for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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