Uses of INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ beyond the face

With summer holidays and other adventures back on the cards for 2022, feeling confident in yourself is a must.

We are exclusive providers for INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ here in Birmingham, and you may have heard of these in regard to giving the glow back to your face, but where else can these treatments help?

INTRAcel Pro is our fractional radiofrequency microneedling treatment, which not only corrects loose jowls, sagging skin under the chin, and fine lines on the face, but can also target sagging skin on tummy, arms, buttocks, knees and legs.

This treatment also corrects unwanted bulges that are commonly found following pregnancy or weight loss. Stretch marks and scars can also be targeted during INTRAcel.

A common skin concern is acne and acne scarring, and we know this can go beyond the face, so we definitely recommend this treatment to bring back confidence in your skin.

ULTRAcel Q+ uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat wrinkles, tighten and contour the skin both on the face and body.

HIFU boosts the production of collagen, which gives the skin its youthfulness. It also improves skin tone and texture, and targets stubborn fat deposits.

The benefits to the face are lifting the forehead, brows, mid and lower face, and neck, as well as tightening the chin, jaw and neck. Beyond this, ULTRAcel’s treatment areas on the body include the arms, legs, stomach, flanks, back, thighs and buttocks.

Since there’s a crossover in the benefits of INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+, we have combined them for our limited Ultralift offer this February. This deal gives you two of each treatment for only £1150, compared to the original price of £1600!

The Ultralift course is only available until the end of February 2022, so book your consultation with us today and let’s begin the journey to loving your body!

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