Why are celebrities loving RF Microneedling?

Celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Holden and Judy Murray have all been raving about RF Microneedling – and you can try this A-List rejuvenation treatment at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

What is RF Microneedling? This combines the power of radiofrequency and microneedling for a radically enhanced effect in skin lifting, tightening and resurfacing on the face and body!

There are many RF Microneedling treatments on the market, including Morpheus8, Potenza and INTRAcel Pro – the latter is what we offer at Dermoperfection, which we are exclusive providers of in the West Midlands!

You can find out the difference between Morpheus8 and INTRAcel Pro in our blog here.

Kim Kardashian said “this is a game changer!” about RF Microneedling when used to tighten her stomach, whilst her sister Khloe said “[Morpheus8] changes the cards on the table.”

Lindsay Lohan said that she is “obsessed” with the effects she’s seen, whilst Amanda Holden also loved her results, saying: “I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it’s much tighter. I’m more than happy to shout from the rooftops how brilliant this new treatment is!”

After a course of RF Microneedling sessions, Judy Murray said: “I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the result, my skin is fresher, clearer, and I feel much better about myself.” She even complemented her results with Obagi Nu-Derm, which is also available at Dermoperfection!

And if you want to achieve the same confidence in your skin and body, come to our premium clinic for the groundbreaking INTRAcel Pro, providing unparalleled results that last up to 2 years!

Whether you’re dealing with acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight fluctuation, scars and stretch marks, and more, RF Microneedling could be the treatment technology for you!

A course of treatments enhances effects even further, and we have some EXCLUSIVE offers on INTRAcel Pro at Dermoperfection, which you can check out here.

We can’t wait to see you for a consultation at our leading Birmingham skin clinic!

The top Profhilo treatment combinations at Dermoperfection

What treatments work in combination with Profhilo? The team at Dermoperfection are here to create your bespoke treatment plan with the best skin booster on the market!

What is Profhilo? This is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable – unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo distributes evenly into the skin instead of a targeted area, to offer all over hydration, whilst also remodelling the skin for natural, anti-ageing effects.

To read more about what Profhilo is, check out our treatment page.

Our patients LOVE the effects of Profhilo as a standalone treatment, but you can enhance it even further in combinations with more of our in-demand treatments at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic.

Depending on your skin and body goals, here are some of our Profhilo combination recommendations:


Since Profhilo isn’t used for volume, you can instead use fellow HA injectable, fillers, for this effect; for example, you can use fillers to correct specific fine lines and wrinkles, whilst Profhilo enhances all-over rejuvenation.

We use the most trusted brands at our premium clinic, and this includes the world renowned Juvéderm fillers.

Anti-wrinkle injections

This is one of the most popular Profhilo combinations; anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the upper face, whilst Profhilo can be used on the mid and lower face, as well as the body, for radiance and fewer visible lines over time.

INTRAcel Pro

The combination of our exclusive radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment and Profhilo rejuvenates the skin inside and out; INTRAcel Pro is a non-invasive treatment for lifting, tightening and resurfacing, whilst Profhilo boosts hydration and remodels the skin from the inside.


Dubbed “Glowfhilo”, our DiamondGlow hydrafacial paired with Profhilo offers the ultimate glow-giving combination! DiamondGlow extracts the impurities from the skin, then exfoliates and infuses with condition-specific serums, and Profhilo is the “injectable moisturiser” that maintains the incredible rejuvenating effects!


This body treatment combination is a must-try, particularly if you have lax, crepey skin on the arms or abdomen! EMSCULPT is a non-invasive treatment that burns fat and builds muscle in these areas, and Profhilo is a bio-remodeller to add to the skin tightening effect. 

These are just a few treatments that complement the Profhilo skin booster – our highly trained clinicians will advise on when to safely get these treatments in combination with each other.

Don’t settle for less than the best for your Profhilo combination treatments – we have 6 years experience with this treatment (we were amongst the first clinics in the UK to offer Profhilo!) and 12+ years experience in the aesthetics industry.

To discover more, book a consultation with us today. See you soon at our premium clinic in The Mailbox!

What are polynucleotides? The hottest tweakment making waves in the injectables world!

Have you heard about this hot tweakment and are now wondering “what are polynucleotides?”

Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s most trusted clinic, is here to give you the lowdown on the freshest trending natural skin rejuvenation injectable!

Polynucleotides aren’t totally new, as they have been in development for over 40 years, with 36 years of medical application, but now they’ve swiftly become one of the hottest treatments for patients looking to boost their skin with an injectable serum.

Polynucleotides are bio-stimulators, which means they kickstart skin regeneration. Compared to other skin boosters, they have a greater effect when boosting collagen and elastin production. That’s not all; polynucleotides also improve the extracellular matrix and even anti-inflammatory!

What are polynucleotides made from? These are bio-polymers derived from fragments of fish DNA, which closely resemble human DNA.

The benefits of polynucleotides include:

  • Preventative treatment for younger skin
  • Rejuvenating treatment for older skin
  • Treats dark circles (an alternative to tear trough fillers)
  • Strengthens delicate skin around the eyes and mouth
  • Boosts hydration and elasticity
  • Brings down inflammation and helps with rosacea
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Treats hair loss 

And more!

Polynucleotides are similar to other injectables in that you can expect slight swelling and bruising afterwards, but otherwise there is little downtime and instant natural, glowing results!

They can also enhance the effects of other aesthetic treatments, such as boosting the longevity of anti-wrinkle injections further.

At Dermoperfection, we only bring the most trusted brands to our clinic, and we are proud to offer PhilArt polynucleotides treatment!

As well as their PhilArt injectable for younger skin, there’s PhilArt Eye specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eye (which is more prone to ageing), and PhilArt Hair, a highly effective treatment for hormonal hair loss!

Dermoperfection continues to be ahead of the game when it comes to treatments and innovations at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic! So, if you want to boost your skin with polynucleotides, book a consultation today and come speak to our expert Birmingham clinicians.

5 reasons why you should choose Juvéderm for your fillers

Juvéderm are the most trusted fillers available, and we are proud to offer this brand for your filler treatments in Birmingham!

But why is Juvéderm so popular? Here’s 5 of the top reasons why you should choose them:

  • They are the number one dermal filler collection

Knowing Juvéderm is the most popular and well known filler brand gives you peace of mind you’re getting the good stuff, as opposed to cheap, knock-off brands that are now filling the market. 

  • They come with a built-in anaesthetic

If you want to try fillers but have been worried about the pain, try Juvéderm as their fillers contain lidocaine. You may still feel slight discomfort during your injectable treatment, but it’s only minimal.

  • They produce natural results

Juvéderm is known for being a hyaluronic (HA) based filler; HA occurs naturally in the body, so this means it will seamlessly integrate into the skin and create subtle but highly effective results!

  • They are versatile

Dermoperfection is proud of the versatility of our leading treatment range, and Juvéderm fillers are no exception! Some of the most popular uses include to lift the cheeks, smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles, add fullness to the lips, soften lip lines and more!

  • They are long-lasting

Did you know that Juvéderm is the only FDA approved filler to last for up to a year? Usually fillers can be expected to last up to 6 months, so you can double this by choosing Juvéderm – and following this, you can maintain the incredible effects by booking a filler top-up as advised by our expert clinicians. 

To discover more about our filler range, head to our treatment page here.

We are Birmingham’s most trusted filler clinic, with over 12 years experience with these treatments! Emily said:Had the best dermal filler by Amy. Brilliant results and amazing after care; I couldn’t recommend enough!”

So if you want to restore confidence in your skin with Juvéderm, book now at our premium Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

What is TargetCool?

We want to ensure all our patients have the most comfortable experience when coming to Dermoperfection for their aesthetic treatments, and so we have introduced TargetCool to our clinic in Birmingham!

TargetCool is a CO2 device which uses precise and controlled skin cooling technology for maximum comfort and reduced healing time. 

This is particularly effective to complement our injectables, including dermal fillers (Juvèderm and Aliaxin), anti-wrinkle injections and Arthrex P-R-P.

Even though these procedures are mostly comfortable without extra help, if you have been put off injectable treatments because of pain, this can alleviate this concern and help you enjoy your treatment with us.

As well as providing comfort during treatment, TargetCool can be used for cryotherapy! This is a highly effective way of removing lesions on the skin.

Another benefit of TargetCool is that it’s a non-invasive way of delivering skin boosters and exosomes, to improve the skin’s texture, elasticity and hydration.

TargetCool can also reduce acne, rosacea, pigmentation and inflammation, so is the perfect addition to your skin rejuvenation plan. 

We only bring the most trusted brands and industry leading technologies to our medical skin and cosmetic clinic, so you can be assured of the safest and most effective results with our expert Birmingham clinicians!

If you want to discover more about TargetCool, ask us during your consultation with our team – book your next visit to Dermoperfection in The Mailbox here.

EMSELLA: as seen on This Morning!

Did you watch EMSELLA, the leading treatment for incontinence, on This Morning (Friday 1st September)?

Our medical skin and cosmetic clinic is a proud provider of the most trusted and talked about treatment technologies on the market, and since introducing EMSELLA earlier this year, we have welcomed patients from all walks of life who have seen a real improvement in their quality of life.

During its segment on This Morning, fitness expert Shakira Akabusi discussed the importance of pelvic floor training, not just after childbirth nor just for women!

They then tried out EMSELLA, dubbed the “miracle chair” which strengthens your pelvic floor and reduces incontinence just by sitting on it!

EMSELLA is suitable for both male and female patients, who are seeking a solution following pregnancy, age, weight gain, sedentary lifestyles and more. Watch the full segment on This Morning here.

This isn’t the only show that EMSELLA has been featured on; earlier this year, EMSELLA was on The Drew Barrymore Show, and celebrities including Lisa Snowdon and Saira Khan have all raved about the incredible effects of this revolutionary treatment.

EMSELLA uses electromagnetic therapy to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and help strengthen them; you can expect to see a difference in as little as 4 sessions!

This is a very safe and effective treatment that has been FDA-approved for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and an overactive bladder (OAB), making a great alternative to kegel exercises, pessaries and other traditional treatments. 

If you want to try out the “kegel throne” for yourself, come see us at Birmingham’s leading clinic – our experts are here to answer any of your questions during a consultation. 

You can also check out our EMSELLA FAQs here.

We have some EXCLUSIVE offers on EMSELLA at our premium clinic; you can enjoy “pay as you go” for £135 per session or enjoy our course offer of 6 sessions, get 2 extra sessions for free, saving £350!

So if you want to say “no” to incontinence and other pelvic health concerns, and “yes” to full intimate confidence then book your EMSELLA at our Birmingham clinic today. 

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