5 reasons why you should choose Juvéderm for your fillers

Juvéderm are the most trusted fillers available, and we are proud to offer this brand for your filler treatments in Birmingham!

But why is Juvéderm so popular? Here’s 5 of the top reasons why you should choose them:

  • They are the number one dermal filler collection

Knowing Juvéderm is the most popular and well known filler brand gives you peace of mind you’re getting the good stuff, as opposed to cheap, knock-off brands that are now filling the market. 

  • They come with a built-in anaesthetic

If you want to try fillers but have been worried about the pain, try Juvéderm as their fillers contain lidocaine. You may still feel slight discomfort during your injectable treatment, but it’s only minimal.

  • They produce natural results

Juvéderm is known for being a hyaluronic (HA) based filler; HA occurs naturally in the body, so this means it will seamlessly integrate into the skin and create subtle but highly effective results!

  • They are versatile

Dermoperfection is proud of the versatility of our leading treatment range, and Juvéderm fillers are no exception! Some of the most popular uses include to lift the cheeks, smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles, add fullness to the lips, soften lip lines and more!

  • They are long-lasting

Did you know that Juvéderm is the only FDA approved filler to last for up to a year? Usually fillers can be expected to last up to 6 months, so you can double this by choosing Juvéderm – and following this, you can maintain the incredible effects by booking a filler top-up as advised by our expert clinicians. 

To discover more about our filler range, head to our treatment page here.

We are Birmingham’s most trusted filler clinic, with over 12 years experience with these treatments! Emily said:Had the best dermal filler by Amy. Brilliant results and amazing after care; I couldn’t recommend enough!”

So if you want to restore confidence in your skin with Juvéderm, book now at our premium Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

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