Why is microneedling so popular as a summer treatment?

We are definitely summer ready here at Dermoperfection, especially with our Mesoestetic Microneedling treatment!

We are Birmingham’s Microneedling specialists, performing this treatment for a range of patients and their specific skin and body goals.

Microneedling is an in-demand treatment all year round, but here’s a few reasons why patients LOVE microneedling during summer:

It’s a quick and easy treatment

We know your summer schedule may be busy, so you might think you haven’t got time for some Microneedling rejuvenation. However, as a Microneedling session usually lasts only 30 minutes, it’s the perfect “lunchtime treatment” – read more about what lunchtime treatments are here.

Plus, as microneedling is minimally invasive, you can go about your usual life straight after treatment.

It can be tailored to your summer skin goals

The Mesoestetic m.pen[pro] comes along with 8 different solutions for various concerns – for example, if hyperpigmentation is holding you back this summer, try the depigmentation solution, or if scarring and stretch marks are making you feel less confident in your beach body, we recommend the skinmark solution. Read the full range of Microneedling solutions here.

It’s suitable for summertime

Microneedling is one of the safest treatments to get in summer – you will need to wear SPF after treatment for extra protection, however this should be part of your daily skincare routine anyway. Our expert clinicians can advise you on the best time to get Microneedling in advance of your holidays and events. 

It can be combined with other summer ready treatments

We are specialists in safe but highly effective treatment combinations, and Microneedling can enhance the likes of DiamondGlow, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. 

We are proud of the rave reviews we have for our Microneedling treatment – Malaika said:The best skin clinic in Birmingham. I did turn up to my appointment quite tired, but Teresa who did my Microneedling facial did an amazing job. My skin looks amazing!”

If Microneedling is the treatment that will bring you confidence this summer, book your consultation today at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic, located in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

Top skincare trends for summer 2023 with The Laser Fix

Looking for the hottest skincare trends for fsummer 2023?

The Laser Fix, in collaboration with Dermoperfection, is here to tell you all about what’s trending in the aesthetics world, and how the BBL and Moxi services now available at our clinic fit right into these.

Don’t forget, The Laser Fix is the exclusive provider of this Sciton laser skin services in Birmingham – it’s even the only place to go for it outside of London in the UK!

Take a look at just a few of the current skincare trends below:


Instead of having multiple treatments to tackle all your concerns and goals, you can simplify it with the versatility of BBL and Moxi. These can be enjoyed as standalone treatments, or make the ultimate combination for rejuvenated skin. 

This is perfect for saving you time on various treatments, and is good for your purse too!

Injectable alternatives

The Laser Fix brings you a new approach to anti-ageing, in a time when non-invasive and non-surgical treatments are all the rage. The pulsed light from BBL targets key signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and so much more.

Moxi is renowned for boosting collagen production, so you can guarantee long-lasting youthfulness in the skin.

Embracing ageing

It’s a privilege to age, so the focus is not just on looking younger but feeling amazing as we get older! And with the natural but noticeable results BBL and Moxi gives you, there’s no taking away from your beauty. 

Bodycare as part of skincare

We see lots of videos and recommendations online on skincare centred around the face – but the body is just as important too! And with BBL and Moxi working on the chest, arms, shoulders, back and hands alongside the face, you can say goodbye to body hang-ups and hello to all-over confidence. 

Plus, if unwanted hair is denting your body confidence, enquire about Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal with us!


Aesthetic treatments are becoming more popular amongst millennials and gen-z, as they want to prevent and preserve at the first signs of ageing. The Moxi facial is a must-try for this, as the perfect starter treatment in your laser skin journey. 

This treatment made the press recently as Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo opted for Moxi as her pre-wedding facial!

These are just a few summer skincare trends that perfectly match what The Laser Fix has to offer, but you can find out more about them by booking your consultation to visit us in The Mailbox, Birmingham.


EMSCULPT is already proving massively popular at our Birmingham clinic since we introduced this revolutionary treatment earlier this year, and we know you may have some unanswered questions about it.

So we’ve compiled your most frequently asked questions about EMSCULPT to help you discover if this is the treatment for you!


EMSCULPT is a world-first treatment to help build muscle and sculpt the body non-invasively, using HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) energy. This means no surgery, no needles and no anaesthesia!

How does EMSCULPT work?

During each session, you will experience thousands of muscle contractions that improve muscle strength and tone; these contractions are quite intense, but it ensures your muscles adapt to the conditions. This is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups!

Where can I get EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT treatment areas include the abs, arms, buttocks and thighs. 

Who is EMSCULPT for?

EMSCULPT is perfect for both men and women looking to complement their fitness goals, particularly if you’ve reached a weight loss or muscle building plateau. It also helps your body recover from injury, and prevent further injury.

This is a popular post-pregnancy treatment, restrengthening the core muscles and toning the body without the need for a tummy tuck. Plus, EMSCULPT helps with diastasis recti – read more about this here.

Why is EMSCULPT different from exercising?

EMSCULPT contracts 100% of the muscle fibres 100% of the treatment time, whereas for most people, a workout contracts 35-40% of muscle fibres, so it’s impossible to replicate EMSCULPT’s targeted and intense effects.

Does EMSCULPT hurt?

You may feel slight discomfort during treatment, similarly to if you were doing an intense workout, however it is not an unbearable procedure.

When will I see results from EMSCULPT?

You can expect to see visible improvement within 4-6 weeks after treatment – the fat burning effects can be permanent, however muscle building effects will usually last up to 6 months. We recommend a course of EMSCULPT at Dermoperfection to maximise results!

Can I get both EMSCULPT and EMSELLA?

Yes! In fact, EMSCULPT and EMSELLA have been dubbed “core to floor” for its strengthening effects across the body, the first and only non-invasive treatment combination to achieve this. Read more about EMSELLA here.

We are Birmingham’s EMSCULPT experts, with top reviews from our patients; Marissa said: Absolutely loved my EMSCULPT treatment! I’ve had it in 2 areas, the results are amazing, so pleased to be getting in shape for my wedding.”

If you have any more questions about EMSCULPT, get in touch for a complimentary consultation and our experts will help you out with everything you need to know.

The top Dermoperfection treatments and skincare for getting summer ready

Here at Dermoperfection, our expert team of Birmingham clinicians are always here with the treatments, skincare and advice you need to get ready for summer 2023!

Whether you have a wedding and/or holiday coming up, or just want to secure your glow for the sunny season, there’s nowhere better to go than Birmingham’s most trusted skin clinic. 

Some of our most popular aesthetic treatments for summer include:

Profhilo – be a glow getter this summer with the ultimate “injectable moisturiser” and bio-remodeller. Dermoperfection was one of the very first clinics to offer Profhilo, and our safe hands will ensure the best, subtle results on the face AND body. Best results visible after 4 weeks.

EMSCULPT – feel your most confident in your summer body with the revolutionary EMSCULPT! This non-surgical treatment creates results equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups per session! You can see the muscle building and fat reduction results on the abs, abdomen, calves and buttocks. Best results visible after 2-4 weeks.

DiamondGlow – DiamondGlow is the best hydrafacial on the market; formerly known as Envy, the breakthrough 3in1 technology simultaneously extracts, exfoliates and infuses the skin, leaving you with an instantly healthier complexion. Plus, it helps treat concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and rosacea! Results visible immediately. 

Microneedling with our leading Microneedling treatment from Mesoestetic, collagen production in the skin will be boosted (so you can enjoy youthful skin this summer) as well as concerns targeted with their condition specific serums e.g. if you experience hyperpigmentation or sun spots during summer, try our depigmentation solution! Best results visible after 4 weeks.

ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU – the ultimate skin lifting and tightening treatment, patients love this HIFU essential to get ready for a busy season ahead…and even beyond that, with results lasting up to 2 years! Treatment areas include the face, neck, arms, legs, stomach and more. Best results visible after 6 weeks.

Dermal fillers – the versatility of fillers makes them a go-to for your summer skin goals, including for volumising and balancing the lips, filling fine lines and wrinkles and sculpting and defining the jawline. At Dermoperfection, we proudly use the best filler brands, Juvéderm and Belotero. Best results visible after 2 weeks.

As well as these top aesthetic treatments, we have a wide range of medical treatments to help you through summer, including hay fever injections, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) injections and cryotherapy.

We are also here to offer unrivalled summer skincare advice; firstly, you may already know to apply SPF daily, even when it’s not summer! And topping this up regularly will not only protect against skin cancer but also prevent future photoageing and pigmentation. 

Dermoperfection is both an Obagi ambassador clinic and a PCA Skin flagship store in Birmingham, so you can rely on us for medical grade skincare essentials – head to our online shop here to check them out.

We are proud of our reputation as a leading treatment provider in Birmingham, with patients raving about our services. Ellie said:Would never go anywhere else! Stu is a magician; he totally puts you at ease with his calm professional nature. My skin and confidence has never been better. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to look and feel their best.”

For more of the latest treatment and skincare recommendations for summer, make sure you follow Dermoperfection on social media, and book your consultation at our clinic in The Mailbox.


EMSELLA has already become a top seller at Dermoperfection since we added it to our leading treatment range – and if you have any questions about this treatment, our experts are here to help!

Some of the most frequently asked questions about EMSELLA include…

What is EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment which rebuilds pelvic floor muscles to treat incontinence and intimate discomfort. This is a very comfortable treatment, which involves the patient sitting on the EMSELLA chair fully clothed.

How does EMSELLA work?

EMSELLA uses HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) energy to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles without you having to tense consciously. Each session is equivalent to 11,000 kegel exercises!

Is EMSELLA safe?

Yes! We pride ourselves on only bringing the most trusted brands to our Birmingham clinic, and EMSELLA is FDA-approved for the treatment of incontinence.

Who is EMSELLA for?

EMSELLA is suitable for both male and female patients who want to treat incontinence and improve intimate wellness, whether this is down to age, pregnancy, menopause or other causes.

Does EMSELLA hurt?

One of the key benefits of EMSELLA is how little discomfort you will experience during treatment! Most patients report this just feels like an intense pelvic workout. 

Is there any downtime?

As EMSELLA doesn’t involve surgery, there is no downtime from the treatment – you can resume your normal life straight after your session!

When will I see results from EMSELLA?

This is dependent on the individual, but some people see results in as little as one session, but this can be up to 3 sessions. Your muscles will continue to build after your appointment, so results will continue to improve over the course of 3 months.

How long do EMSELLA results last?

You can expect EMSELLA results to last for up to 6 months following treatment, however we have courses available at Dermoperfection to maintain your results. 

Can I get both EMSELLA and EMSCULPT?

Yes! In fact, EMSCULPT and EMSELLA have been dubbed “core to floor” for its strengthening effects across the body, the first and only non-invasive treatment combination to achieve this. Read more about EMSCULPT here.

You know you’re in the best hands here at Dermoperfection; Stacey said: I’ve been using Dermoperfection for around 2 years; Amy and Stu are both really friendly, professional and always deliver great results. I would definitely recommend and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Don’t let anything hold you back – come visit Dermoperfection at The Mailbox, Birmingham to create the most confident version of you!

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