HArmonyCa: Everything you need to know About this Dual-Effect Hybrid Dermal Filler!

Is HArmonyCa for you? If you want tighter, firmer skin then HArmonyCa may be the exact treatment you are looking for!

Dermoperfection is proud to now offer the HArmonyCa hybrid dermal filler at our premium medical skin and advanced aesthetics clinic in Birmingham!

Here’s your ultimate guide to the trending injectable for 2024, brought to you by the brand behind our in-demand Juvéderm fillers! 

Meet HArmonyCa at Dermoperfection!

HArmonyCa was launched by Allergan in 2022 – the patient testimonials have been fantastic! Many say that their skin feels less saggy, stronger and glowy in just 4-6 weeks post treatment.

With each birthday you may feel an increased loss of volume and structural support in your face. Skin laxity seen in the cheek area can be difficult to treat, but HArmonyCa (pronounced Harmonica) gives cause for excitement. There is finally a treatment that produces results quickly and is relatively pain-free.

The smile lines that run into your cheeks and around your mouth can be ageing and annoying; as a practitioner, we would often combine various treatments over a period of time to improve these areas. However, every patient we have now supported with HArmonyCa saw a vast improvement on the day of treatment which improved over a 3 month period.

Whilst you may not be seeking the jawline of a 21 year old, you may not be ready to accept the ever emerging jowls/poorly defined jawline. Therefore, providing an improved ‘scaffolding’ to support your jawline gives the result you didn’t know you needed! 

What is HArmonyCa?

HArmonyCa is the latest innovation in collagen injectable treatments but it’s neither just a dermal filler or skin booster; the technology combines a collagen stimulator called calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid to form a hybrid injectable gel. This is designed for the improvement of the soft tissues of the face. 

Top fact: calcium hydroxyapatite is naturally occurring in our bodies just like hyaluronic acid!

How does this treatment help me to obtain tighter, firmer skin?

Following your HArmonyCa treatment, you can see an instant lift thanks to the hyaluronic acid and its hydrating properties. The hyaluronic acid doesn’t last very long in your body though, which is just as well as the collagen stimulator is working away in the background. This helps your body to produce its own collagen!

New collagen and elastin is formulated just as the hyaluronic acid is metabolised by your body, and the initial lift you initially experienced continues thanks to the newly formed collagen network! This balance means results are natural in appearance as there is no excessive volume.

You will see instant results on the day of treatment which get better over the next 3 months (it can take up to 3 months for collagen to be fully formed). Once formed, the new collagen and elastin can last up to 2 years!

Depending on your starting point you may require one or two treatments over a two year period.

Where is HArmonyCa used?

Generally we avoid the forehead, around the eyes, nose and mouth. However the results of the treatment are seen beyond the borders of treatment due to the fact that once you stimulate the collagen producing cells, they spread the word to nearby cells! 92% of patients felt they gained an improvement of general appearance after treatment with HArmonyCa. 

HArmonyCa can be used alongside your current treatment plans to enhance results further.

What can I expect from my HArmonyCa appointment?

Following a thorough consultation and assessment you may be offered treatment with HarmonyCa.

  • Is HArmonyCa painful? Numbing is optimal with most patients preferring not to numb. The hybrid gel also includes a numbing agent making the treatment more comfortable.
  • Procedure time – 20 minutes.
  • Bruising – a possibility but not common.
  • Swelling – a possibility but not common.
  • Aftercare – in the first 24 hours post treatment, avoid make-up, exercise and sunlight.

HArmonyCa is a promising option for those seeking tighter, firmer skin with relatively fast results and minimal discomfort. The combination of collagen stimulation and hyaluronic acid is a beneficial approach to rejuvenating the skin!

We look forward to seeing your improved skin architecture with HArmonyCa!

Don’t wait to book up this treatment – secure your consultation at our Birmingham clinic to be one step closer to the skin you LOVE!

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We’ve even taken the HydraFacial to the next level with Syndeo, the most advanced hydrafacial technology EVER. This stores your skin’s story to give ultimate personalisation with every treatment. Read more about our HydraFacial Syndeo treatment here.

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Polynucleotide injectables are loved as both a preventative and youth-restoring treatment, and help with boosting hydration, reducing inflammation and strengthening delicate skin around the eyes and mouth. Take a look at more about polynucleotides here.

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Another of our natural rejuvenation favourites is Arthrex P-R-P. You may also know it as the “vampire facial”, as it involves drawing your own blood then reinjecting it into the treatment area (once the P-R-P has been extracted), which has many revitalising effects!

This skin boosting treatment gives a drastic improvement in skin tone and texture, and helps with ageing and sagging skin, dryness, acne and scarring, plus more! Get the lowdown on our P-R-P treatment here.

Why you’ll love Profhilo

Patients have been coming to our Birmingham clinic for years for their Profhilo skin boosters, loving how this injectable gives a boost of hydration and combats skin laxity. 

Profhilo is also popular as it can be used on both the face and body, including the neck, decolletage, arms, hands, abdomen and more! Read more about our Profhilo treatment here.

Loving your skin doesn’t stop there – our clinic is also home to the best medical grade skincare, from your favourite brands like PCA Skin, Obagi, Skinbetter Science, Mesoestetic and our very own Skin Bitch brand. View our online shop here.

Don’t forget to check out our 5* reviews too! Bridget said: I love visiting the team at Dermoperfection, they are professional, highly skilled and use the best products. Great to find people you can trust and always happy to recommend to my friends.”

Secure your best skin yet with Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s most trusted clinic – find us in The Mailbox ready to create your bespoke treatment plan!

“What’s it like to try the EMSELLA chair?” – as reviewed by The Tweakments Guide!

Emsella is the trending non-surgical incontinence treatment right now – and we’re proud to offer this treatment to our patients at our Birmingham medical skin and advanced aesthetics clinic!

We’ve loved seeing the press this pioneering treatment has received recently, including this Emsella review from Alice Hart-Davis of The Tweakments Guide!

The Tweakments Guide was designed as your place to go to discover all your tweakment options, and to find out where to get them, as recommended by Alice herself. You can even find our director and founder, Stuart Logan, on The Tweakments Guide here.

Read Alice’s review of Emsella here:

You’ve heard me talking before about the Emsella chair – I love it because of the way it quickly and effectively tightens up the pelvic floor which, let’s face it, is not something that we tend to talk about. Why tone it up? Because the pelvic floor invariably becomes weaker with age, or after childbirth, or both, and that leads to stress incontinence. That’s something which women just don’t talk about and seem to think is ‘just one of those things’.

To help demystify this important area of female health and the technology behind the Emsella itself, here’s my full review of my experience on the chair…

What’s it like to use the Emsella chair?

You just sit on it, fully clothed, and let the high-intensity electromagnetic pulses of energy go to work for half an hour. That’s it. You need to wiggle about a bit to get the right contact. That means rocking forward on your pelvis a little so as to ground your front parts down towards the seat, rather than rocking back onto your seat bones, until you can feel the electromagnetic pulses zinging evenly around that whole hammock of muscle that hangs between your pubic bone at the front and your tailbone at the back. (If you want to know more details about the device, there’s a whole page about it here.).

What does Emsella actually feel like?

Firstly – it’s not painful. It’s a strange, prickly sensation – you are having electromagnetic pulses pulsing around your nether regions after all – but it’s seriously not painful. Also, the technician who is talking your through the treatment starts you off gradually, on a low setting, then increases the intensity as you adjust to it, aiming to get you to as high a level as you can tolerate. I found that I needed to start off slowly, but by the second session, was able to have the device on 100% quite quickly, just because I was more used to the feeling. You can’t hold your phone while you’re on the chair (because of those electromagnetic pulses), but I found I was relaxed enough to read a book to pass the time.

Why is Emsella called The Happy Chair?

Some people absolutely love the device because they find the pulses very, er, stimulating, which is why some clinics call this ‘The Happy Chair’. I’ve tried to find the joy in it but honestly can only feel the zinging and prickling.

Why did I try the treatment?

It’s ‘use it or lose it’ with muscle function, and that applies to the pelvic floor as much as to the abs and triceps. If you’re not good at doing regular Kegel exercises (guilty), this gives you the equivalent of 11,000 kegels in one half-hour session. My pelvic floor is ok – laughing or sneezing don’t bring on leaks – but previously skipping on a full bladder was a major challenge, and I wake up several times a night to pee. I hoped a course of treatment might improve this.

Who can benefit from the Emsella Chair?

If I was Queen of the World, I’d find a philanthropic billionaire to donate one of these devices to every doctor’s surgery in the UK and make it available to any woman who needed a few sessions on it. It would take a billionaire because these devices are hugely expensive and, just now, the treatment costs around £300 a session in private clinics, and you need around six sessions. That puts it out of most people’s reach, though it’s a treatment from which most women would benefit. Why? Anyone who has given birth naturally will know what that does to your pelvic floor, and more women than care to admit it have issues with stress incontinence that creep up with age. It is time to stop simply accepting that as normal, despite the debilitating effect it has one our lives.

What results did I get?

After six sessions, I can do 50 skips no problem, which is a major result! I still wake up a couple of times in the night, but I think that problem may be more in my head than my bladder.


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