Are you leaving it too long between aesthetic treatments?

With the pandemic and now the return of our busier lives, you may inadvertently be leaving the gap between your treatments too long.

Although treatments at Dermoperfection show desirable results after just one appointment, a course is often needed so you can achieve exactly what you’re hoping for.

Here’s the guidance for some of our favourite treatments:

Silhouette Soft – even though results are visible for up to two years, it is recommended to have this treatment every 18 months.

INTRAcel Pro – it can take 1-5 sessions to achieve optimum results, with most people having 3 treatments. These are usually 6 weeks apart to allow healing in-between.

ULTRAcel Q+ – you will usually need 2-3 treatments, with a frequency of every 3 months.

Envy (DiamondGlow) – we typically advise on a course of up to 6 sessions, with around 3 weeks between each treatment.

Profhilo – for long-lasting results, it is advised to have two treatments, with a 4 week gap.

Microneedling – we recommend 3-6 treatments, with each treatment being 2-4 weeks apart.

Your treatment frequency is totally unique, as everyone’s skin is different so is treated accordingly. We will give you guidance during your consultation as to what we think is best for you!

Even if you don’t have much time to spare, we will work around your schedule to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of the treatment you’ve chosen.

Since we value the importance of multiple sessions with us, we also have some special deals to save you money along the way. Our Envy course offer gives you 6 sessions for £645, saving you £129! You can also enjoy 6 sessions of microneedling for £600, which is a £300 discount.

To view how much each individual treatment costs, head to our prices page.

So to keep your beautiful results going, book your follow-up appointments today and continue your skincare journey at our Birmingham medical skin clinic!

Turn up the volume with Aliaxin!

One of the signs of ageing is a loss of volume in the skin – but we know just the way to restore it with Aliaxin fillers!

Aliaxin is one of the trusted brands of fillers our medical professionals use here at Dermoperfection; this is a complete intradermal range containing ultrapure hyaluronic acid to seamlessly integrate into the skin. This is manufactured in Italy, meaning the quality is second to none!

If you’re looking to bring back youthfulness, the Aliaxin EV (Essential Volume) filler is ideal for restoring partial volume deficits, correcting asymmetries and nose imperfection, and obtaining a more defined jawline.

Another way to bring back the volume is with Aliaxin SV (Super Volume), which corrects important volume deficits and redefines contours.

If you want to focus on enhancing your lips, Aliaxin LV (Lips Volume) restores elasticity and obtains the ideal level of volumisation.

With the power of Aliaxin, your natural beauty is volumised and sculpted, so you can ditch the filter and feel confident with filler!

We truly believe these fillers are perfect for creating the “best version of you”, and since we are a CQC regulated medical skin clinic, you can be assured you are in the safest hands for achieving these rejuvenating results.

To find out which areas can be volumised for you by Aliaxin, or if you have any more questions about these fillers, book your free consultation with the Dermoperfection team today.

Get your DiamondGlow at Dermoperfection this spring!

Ready, set, glow this spring with DiamondGlow!

But what is DiamondGlow? Envy facials are one of our most popular treatments at Dermoperfection’s medical clinic here in Birmingham, and they have recently been rebranded as DiamondGlow!

This is a next-level, non-invasive skin-resurfacing treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses the skin with topical SkinMedica serums that target your specific concerns.

DiamondGlow is perfect for treating hyperpigmentation, acne, blocked pores, dehydrated skin, skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines and rosacea. You’ll still get to see the results of your very own waste jar too!

After just one treatment, you’ll see brighter, fresher, smoother, clearer skin that’s more even in tone – ideal for making winter skin a thing of the past and unlocking your spring complexion! Although we love the instantaneous glow, a course of treatments can show the most effective results.

And if you choose to get an Envy/DiamondGlow course at Dermoperfection, you can save with our exclusive offer of 6 sessions for £645, saving £129 (which means 6 for the price of 5!)

So if you want to reveal your radiance and make your skin the Envy of today, book your DiamondGlow consultation with us today!

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