We are SO excited to announce that we are launching EMSCULPT at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

Dermoperfection is committed to bringing the latest leading technology to our clinic, based in The Mailbox, and we know this new addition will be loved by our patients.

We are one of very few Birmingham clinics to offer EMSCULPT, so you know where to go for yours!


EMSCULPT is the world’s first treatment to help build muscle and sculpt the body non-invasively, a great way to supplement your fitness and body goals for the new year!

This treatment is also loved as a non-invasive buttock-toning procedure.

EMSCULPT uses HIFEM, which stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic technology – this a powerful but harmless way to contract the muscles and burn fat the same way exercise would.

A single session causes thousands of muscle contractions that improve muscle strength and tone. These contractions are quite intense, but this ensures the muscles adapt to the conditions and therefore builds more muscle and sculpts the body.

Its biggest talking point is how just one session is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups!

This is also a celebrity favourite treatment, with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox all raving about it.

What are the benefits of EMSCULPT?

You can expect, on average, 16% average increase in muscle mass and 19% average fat reduction following a course of EMSCULPT treatments!

And all this can be achieved without surgery and anaesthesia, so you don’t need to go under the knife for incredible body sculpting results!

Many EMSCULPT patients opt for this following pregnancy, as it strengthens the core muscles and tones the body without the need for a tummy tuck.

Why choose Dermoperfection for EMSCULPT?

Dermoperfection has Birmingham’s most trusted clinicians, and we receive extensive training before introducing each new treatment so our patients know they’re in the safest hands.

And we will always book you in for a free consultation to decide if this is the treatment for you. Feel free to ask us any questions you have during this, and we will also offer you important EMSCULPT aftercare pointers.

We have HUGE introductory offers for EMSCULPT, including £300 for your first EMSCULPT session, and £995 for 6, which includes 2 maintenance sessions – but hurry, these unmissable deals expire at the end of February.

So do you want to feel more toned and confident in your body? Book up EMSCULPT at our purpose-built Birmingham clinic today!

Why choose Juvéderm fillers at Dermoperfection?

Why is Juvéderm so popular? This FDA-approved filler brand has been around for over 16 years, and is internationally renowned as a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment.

And we are proud to offer Juvéderm at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic! We have spent over 10 years bringing back confidence in our patients’ faces, and we can’t wait to welcome more of you in 2023.

One reason why Juvéderm is in-demand is its versatility, whether you want to fill fine lines and wrinkles, volumise and balance the lips, or sculpt and define the jawline and cheekbones. You could even combine multiple goals into one appointment – just ask your clinician during your consultation.

Another Juvéderm benefit is that their fillers are long-lasting – in fact, they are the only FDA-approved fillers that last for up to a year. Don’t forget, you can always book a top-up when advisable at our clinic to maintain optimal results.

Juvéderm fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid (HA), which occurs naturally in the body, thus creating natural results! They also contain lidocaine, which is a built-in anaesthetic, so if you’re wondering if fillers are painful, you can be assured there will be minimal discomfort. You can even resume normal life following your appointment with Dermoperfection.

How long do fillers take to administer? Your filler session should only take about half an hour, so can easily be slotted into your schedule. We dub these a “lunchtime treatment” – read more about all our lunchtime treatments here.

Juvéderm fillers are perfect as a standalone treatment, however you can combine them with other treatments at our Birmingham skin clinic, such as microneedling and anti-wrinkle injections.

If you want to see immediate, high-impact results with Juvéderm, but in the safest way possible, make sure you choose Dermoperfection – many clinics offer fillers, but not many of them have our level of expertise, and they may choose less trusted filler brands than Juvederm.

We also believe every patient is unique, so will create a bespoke filler plan just for you, and offer expert skincare advice following your treatment. So if you want to see the incredible effects of Juvéderm for yourself, book up your appointment today.

Reasons not to be blue this Blue Monday with Dermoperfection

Here at Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s leading medical skin and cosmetic clinic, we want to turn Blue Monday into the best Monday yet!

We think this is the perfect opportunity to start your skincare journey, especially if you need a little boost through your New Year’s skin resolutions with the help of trending treatments and the best products on the market.

If you’re feeling stressed or not as positive on Blue Monday, this can actually have an effect on the skin, as it can make it more reactive and sensitive, plus can cause excess oil production leading to acne and breakouts.

So this is why we want to rejuvenate your confidence and your skin too! If acne and other scarring is getting you down this Blue Monday, why not try INTRAcel Pro?

This is a revolutionary fractional RF microneedling treatment that is EXCLUSIVE to Dermoperfection in the West Midlands! But what is fractional radiofrequency microneedling?

During this treatment, 49 microneedles target the deeper layers of the dermis to stimulate collagen (collagen’s benefit is to retain youthfulness in the skin), which in turn helps tighten and resurface the skin with minimal surface damage.

INTRAcel Pro uses thermal energy to destroy acne and repairs scarring, poor texture, lines and pores, so you can feel confident in your bare face again! Other benefits include treating sagging skin across the face and body, and tackling unwanted bulges after weight loss and pregnancy.

Stressed skin can also lose its elasticity, which means the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But we have the best anti-ageing treatments available in Birmingham!

Some of our most popular wrinkle treatment options include Profhilo, which is an “injectable moisturiser” that also remodels the skin for natural anti-ageing results, and anti-wrinkle injections, which relax the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles for stunning smoothness. We use the number one anti-wrinkle treatment brand, Botox, at our clinic.

You may also want to use Blue Monday for a spot of self-care, so why not indulge in a facial that will also restore your glow long-term? A great option for this is the DiamondGlow hydrafacial (previously known as the Envy facial)!

This is a 3in1 skin resurfacing treatment that extracts impurities, exfoliates the skin and infuses it with serums to leave you with a healthier, radiant complexion. PLUS, this January, new patients can get £40 off their first DiamondGlow facial with the code ENVY40.

If you’re using Blue Monday to upgrade your skincare routine, our skin experts can make recommendations with the best products from brands including Obagi Medical, PCA Skin, Mesoestetic and Cyspera

These are some recommendations for Blue Monday skincare that will make your whole year glow, but if you need more expert skincare advice, our clinicians are here to help! Book a consultation and come along to our clinic, located in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

How to boost your skin after Christmas with Dermoperfection

The festive season is officially over, and we know you may have indulged over the Christmas period – so your skin may be in need of some rejuvenation.

And this is where Dermoperfection can help! We have the best in-clinic treatments and at-home products to make your skin look and feel good in 2023. This is also perfect if you have made any New Year’s skin resolutions!

Here are just a few of the recommendations from the expert clinicians at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic.


A trending treatment for 2023, Profhilo has a dual effect: it boosts the skin’s hydration, perfect if you’re dealing with dull and dehydrated skin this January, and acts as a bio-remodeller that tackles ageing and sagging skin to leave you with a smoother and revitalised complexion.

This is a great skin restoration treatment for the face AND body, including the neck, decolletage, upper arms, abdomen and thighs. Profhilo takes 28 days to work its magic (this is when collagen production happens) and then lasts for up to 6 months. 


Want to be more body confident in 2023? ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU is the treatment you need!

What is HIFU? This stands for high intensity focused ultrasound; when used for rejuvenation, it lifts and tightens the face and body without the need for surgery! ULTRAcel Q+ is 3x faster than other HIFU treatments, meaning it is painless but still offers amazing, long lasting results that will give you a confidence boost in 2023.

Dermoperfection is ULTRAcel Q+’s exclusive provider in the West Midlands, so visit our Birmingham clinic for this anti-ageing must-try treatment.


Restore your glow in 2023 with the hugely popular DiamondGlow hydrafacial! Previously known as the Envy facial, DiamondGlow is a 3in1 resurfacing treatment that extracts dirt, debris and other impurities, exfoliates the skin then infuses it with serums to have you glowing with confidence!

This is also a highly effective solution for acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea and more.

PLUS, during January, we have a very special DiamondGlow offer, where you can get £40 off your treatment here at Dermoperfection – just use code ENVY40 to redeem.

PCA Skin NoPeel Peel

Love the sound of a skin peel but don’t want the usual peeling, irritation and redness typically associated with them? The PCA Skin NoPeel Peel gives you the same effects WITHOUT this, and is perfect for boosting your post-Christmas skin.

The benefits of a PCA Skin NoPeel Peel include gentle exfoliation, promoting skin renewal and an even skin tone, and decongesting pores and removing impurities. We are Birmingham’s PCA Skin flagship store, so you can come along to our clinic to view our full product range to complement your peel!

Obagi Nu-Derm

A skincare routine essential is the Obagi Nu-Derm system, whether you have normal, dry or oily skin! When used daily, you can expect younger, healthier looking skin that is also free from acne, age spots and other key concerns.

We are an Obagi ambassador clinic, so our clinicians are here to offer expert skincare advice on which products your skin needs.

These are just a few picks on how to boost your skin after Christmas and ready for the year ahead, but if you want to discover more, book a free consultation at our clinic today.

New year, new Birmingham skincare deals at Dermoperfection

Happy New Year from the team at Dermoperfection – we hope 2023 is your best yet!

And we want to be part of making this year full of confidence and glowing skin, so we’re kicking 2023 off with the best skincare deals using the leading technology for skin revitalisation.

An ever popular treatment at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic is the DiamondGlow hydrafacial, formerly known as Envy. Patients love how this is a fully personalised, non-invasive treatment that guarantees instant and long-lasting rejuvenation.

This is a 3in1 skin and body resurfacing treatment that uses a real diamond tip to extract dirt, debris, blackheads and other impurities, and then delivers serum infusion to tackle your specific skin concerns.

Examples of what can be treated with DiamondGlow are acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and more. It’s even loved as an anti-ageing treatment, as it combats fine lines and wrinkles! Plus, this isn’t only for the face – you can see the fabulous benefits on the neck, decolletage, back, arms and legs, to name a few.

We are exclusive Birmingham providers of this hydrafacial, and we have a very special January deal for you – get £40 off your DiamondGlow treatment with the code ENVY40. Or, go large with our DiamondGlow course offer, which gives you 12 sessions for the price of 7 at just £903 (was £1548).

Another of our essential treatments to create the “best version of you” in 2023 is Mesoestetic Microneedling! During this treatment, your skin is punctured with tiny, sterile needles, which boosts collagen production (we lose collagen as we age, so this treatment restores youthfulness).

As well as this, the skin is infused with condition specific serums – there’s 8 to choose from! Typical concerns tackled with Microneedling are hyperpigmentation, ageing skin (reducing wrinkles), cellulite, stretch marks, scarring (including acne scars) and hair loss. 

This treatment can then be complemented with Mesoestetic’s product range available in clinic – take a look at the options here.

So would you love to try Microneedling? Come visit our expert clinicians here at our Birmingham clinic and you’ll get an unmissable deal! Get a course of 12 sessions for only £1000, originally £1800. You could even spread your treatments out over the year for long-lasting anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects.

Don’t forget, we’re always here to answer your questions about our offers and in-demand treatment range and to give our expert skincare advice. And we regularly share the best skin tips over on our social media.

We can’t wait to see you at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic soon to start your New Year’s skin journey!

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