We are SO excited to announce that we are launching EMSCULPT at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

Dermoperfection is committed to bringing the latest leading technology to our clinic, based in The Mailbox, and we know this new addition will be loved by our patients.

We are one of very few Birmingham clinics to offer EMSCULPT, so you know where to go for yours!


EMSCULPT is the world’s first treatment to help build muscle and sculpt the body non-invasively, a great way to supplement your fitness and body goals for the new year!

This treatment is also loved as a non-invasive buttock-toning procedure.

EMSCULPT uses HIFEM, which stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic technology – this a powerful but harmless way to contract the muscles and burn fat the same way exercise would.

A single session causes thousands of muscle contractions that improve muscle strength and tone. These contractions are quite intense, but this ensures the muscles adapt to the conditions and therefore builds more muscle and sculpts the body.

Its biggest talking point is how just one session is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups!

This is also a celebrity favourite treatment, with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox all raving about it.

What are the benefits of EMSCULPT?

You can expect, on average, 16% average increase in muscle mass and 19% average fat reduction following a course of EMSCULPT treatments!

And all this can be achieved without surgery and anaesthesia, so you don’t need to go under the knife for incredible body sculpting results!

Many EMSCULPT patients opt for this following pregnancy, as it strengthens the core muscles and tones the body without the need for a tummy tuck.

Why choose Dermoperfection for EMSCULPT?

Dermoperfection has Birmingham’s most trusted clinicians, and we receive extensive training before introducing each new treatment so our patients know they’re in the safest hands.

And we will always book you in for a free consultation to decide if this is the treatment for you. Feel free to ask us any questions you have during this, and we will also offer you important EMSCULPT aftercare pointers.

We have HUGE introductory offers for EMSCULPT, including £300 for your first EMSCULPT session, and £995 for 6, which includes 2 maintenance sessions – but hurry, these unmissable deals expire at the end of February.

So do you want to feel more toned and confident in your body? Book up EMSCULPT at our purpose-built Birmingham clinic today!

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