All about PCA Skin skin peels at Dermoperfection

Peel into perfection with PCA Skin peels at Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s top medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

But what are skin peels? And why are skin peels so popular?

We have the answer to these questions! Skin peels are solutions that are applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells. Patients love how this is a quick and easy way to uncover smoother, radiant skin!

We offer PCA Skin peels at our clinic, as these are suitable for all skin types, tones and concerns. Plus, they have had over 25 years experience in formulating the best professional peels – we only bring treatments to Dermoperfection we know you can trust.

The two PCA Skin chemical peels available at Dermoperfection are:

PCA Skin NoPeel Peel

A peel…that doesn’t make your skin peel? Yep, you heard that right! The PCA Skin NoPeel Peel promotes gentle exfoliation and skin renewal, improves skin tone and removes impurities, all without visible peeling, irritation, inflammation and redness post-treatment.

As it is gentler on the skin than most peels, making it the perfect “entry-level” or “in-between” peel treatment.

PCA Skin Perfecting Peel

This is a multi-faceted skin-brightening treatment, formulated for ageing, discoloured, breakout-prone and sensitive skin. This is another gentle treatment, so is perfect for your first skin peel, or if you want to rejuvenate your skin without redness and other side effects.

The key ingredients include mandelic acid for effective exfoliation, as well as treating melasma, hyperpigmentation, photoageing and acne scarring, along with lactic acid to keep your skin moisturised.

Our founder and lead clinician, Stuart, celebrated his 42nd birthday at the end of January, so to mark the occasion, BOTH these PCA Skin peels are just £42 for the entirety of February 2023. This is down from £75, a huge saving of £33!

Dermoperfection is Birmingham’s PCA Skin flagship store, so we are experts on this medical skincare brand. We can also make recommendations from our PCA Skin product range on what will complement your peel and other treatments.

So if you want to uncover self-confidence and your best skin yet, book up one of our PCA Skin peels today and come visit us at our clinic, located in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

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