What is TargetCool?

We want to ensure all our patients have the most comfortable experience when coming to Dermoperfection for their aesthetic treatments, and so we have introduced TargetCool to our clinic in Birmingham!

TargetCool is a CO2 device which uses precise and controlled skin cooling technology for maximum comfort and reduced healing time. 

This is particularly effective to complement our injectables, including dermal fillers (Juvèderm and Aliaxin), anti-wrinkle injections and Arthrex P-R-P.

Even though these procedures are mostly comfortable without extra help, if you have been put off injectable treatments because of pain, this can alleviate this concern and help you enjoy your treatment with us.

As well as providing comfort during treatment, TargetCool can be used for cryotherapy! This is a highly effective way of removing lesions on the skin.

Another benefit of TargetCool is that it’s a non-invasive way of delivering skin boosters and exosomes, to improve the skin’s texture, elasticity and hydration.

TargetCool can also reduce acne, rosacea, pigmentation and inflammation, so is the perfect addition to your skin rejuvenation plan. 

We only bring the most trusted brands and industry leading technologies to our medical skin and cosmetic clinic, so you can be assured of the safest and most effective results with our expert Birmingham clinicians!

If you want to discover more about TargetCool, ask us during your consultation with our team – book your next visit to Dermoperfection in The Mailbox here.

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