All your Silhouette Soft FAQs answered!

If you’re looking for a non-invasive suture procedure with beautiful results right here in Birmingham, Silhouette Soft at Dermoperfection may be the treatment for you.

You may have some questions about how this suture lift works, so we’ve covered some of the Silhouette Soft FAQs!

  • Why should I choose a Silhouette Soft thread lift?

It is the ideal treatment if you are looking for a non-invasive procedure that targets sagging of the cheeks and jawline, and laugh lines. It stimulates the skin’s collagen to create a firm, youthful appearance on the face.

  • How does Silhouette Soft work?

A suture is placed around the treatment area, with special cones to hold it into place. These then help reposition the skin to give a lifted appearance.

  • Who can have this treatment?

We will book you in for a consultation to decide on the suitability. It won’t be advised if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a history of autoimmune diseases, or under 18. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to any of the components of Silhouette Soft, we will also advise against the procedure.

  • Is Silhouette Soft safe?

The Silhouette Soft technique took several years to research and develop, and is now carried out by the most trusted professionals. We are also CQC registered, which ensures our medical staff are working to the highest standard.

  • Will it hurt?

Silhouette Soft is performed under local anaesthetic. You will be able to resume normal life the next day, but full recovery usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks.

  • Are there any side effects? 

Some patients have experienced temporarily rippled, puckered skin or light bruising. Medical risks may include infection, scarring and pain, however this is unlikely.

  • How long will the results last?

The results of a Silhouette Soft suture lift can last up to two years, however we can give you an individual estimation based on your age, skin, the amount of sutures and placement.

  • What do you recommend for aftercare?

Sun protection is vital; we always recommend wearing an SPF daily regardless of treatment. Also, avoid touching the treatment areas in the recovery period and avoid areas of intense heat e.g. saunas. Paracetamol may be helpful for any pain after the procedure.

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