Looking for the best aesthetic treatments for your 60s and beyond?

Lots of men and women in their 60s want to improve their appearance, after all age is a number, not a feeling! Which is why we firmly believe that it is never “too late” – to start your journey to skin and body confidence.

Entering your 60’s as well as noticing the more prominent signs of ageing, we also understand that alongside these visible changes, it can also lead to feelings of diminished confidence, and wanting to feel and look like ‘you’ again.

You may notice your skin isn’t as strong as it used to be and regenerates slower, due to hormonal changes and a further slowing down of collagen and elastin production, which is why bespoke treatments are the key to reversing ageing and boosting your skin again.

Other skin and body changes you may noticed at 60 and better include:

  • Lack of hydration and moisture retention.
  • Dry and thinning skin, due to slower regeneration and recovery.
  • More prominent hyperpigmentation due to accumulated sun damage, including brown spots.
  • Changes to skin tone and texture that need rebalancing.

Ageing is a part of life; we understand that changes in appearance, such as pigmentation, deeper lines and wrinkles, jowls, and loose, sagging skin, can make you feel self-conscious.

In your 60’s it’s all about maintenance and finding well-balanced treatments that keep you looking fresh.

Replenishing and rejuvenating treatments which can smooth lines whilst targeting the indicative markers of ageing, from eye bags and temple hollowing to tear troughs, age spots, crepey skin, lost volume and skin pigmentation.

A gentle but powerful skin routine is also the perfect complement to your treatment plan to maintain hydrated skin and continue your anti-ageing journey!

Our treatment recommendations for 60s and beyond include:

  • EMSELLA – age related incontinence can dent your confidence, however there are effective solutions available, including our EMSELLA chair, which has the same effect as 11,000 kegel exercises per session.
  • Profhilo – if you’re yet to try this powerful “injectable moisturiser”, now is the best time! This not only boosts skin’s hydration but also remodels the sagging tissue on the face AND body.
  • DiamondGlow – we all deserve to glow, so try our Birmingham exclusive DiamondGlow hydrafacial, to rejuvenate the skin and even treat common concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and rosacea.
  • Silhouette Soft – this suture (thread) lift is swiftly becoming a top anti-ageing treatment, with its dual effect of enhancing your skin instantly and regenerating gradually, with results lasting up to 2 years.
  • Dermal fillers – our fillers, from leading brands Juvéderm and Aliaxin, are so versatile that they suit all ages! Our patients in their 60s and beyond love how they fill fine lines and wrinkles and create a more youthful smile.
  • ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU – we want you to feel fabulous all over, so come try the best HIFU treatment on the market, ULTRAcel Q+ for both facial sculpting and body contouring. Feel more youthful in your face and target the signs of ageing.

If you are prone to wrinkles, dark spots and other hyperpigmentation concerns due to the sun, protect your skin with our SPF products from leading brands Obagi and PCA Skin. Plus, it’s always the perfect time for other tailored skincare essentials, from moisturisers to cleansers which restore and maintain your daily glow.

These are just a few skincare recommendations for your 60s and better, but our top Birmingham clinicians can offer more bespoke skin advice with a consultation.

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