Treating scars and stretch marks at Dermoperfection

Dermoperfection’s ethos at our medical skin clinic is to create the “best version of you” – and we want you to feel your very best in your own body!

Scars are formed by the body’s natural response to injury, where extra collagen is produced to heal the area, whilst stretch marks are streaks that appear on the skin’s surface due to growth or weight fluctuation.

We understand these can make you feel self-conscious, so we provide the most effective solutions to tackle these and bring back your confidence!

Our treatment recommendations for scars and stretch marks include:


Our Mesoestetic microneedling is a hugely versatile treatment for a host of concerns, including scarring and stretch marks! The skin is repeatedly punctured with tiny, sterile needles to boost collagen (this makes the skin firmer and tighter) and infuse the skin with active ingredients.

Our practitioners choose your microneedling solution based on what you want to tackle, and the skinmark solution is suggested for scars and stretch marks, as it stimulates cell repair and restructures breakage to provide elasticity and firmness to the affected areas.

INTRAcel Pro

Exclusively for you…it’s INTRAcel Pro!

We are exclusive providers of this treatment in Birmingham, which uses radiofrequency microneedling for an incredible tightening effect, which works perfectly for stretch marks.

INTRAcel Pro is also great for scarring, including those caused by acne – the thermal energy destroys the cause of acne, whilst resurfacing the skin to repair the scars. 


Profhilo is creating a huge amount of buzz for so many reasons – and you can add treating stretch marks to that list!

Profhilo is used on lax, crepey skin across the face and body, so you can effectively and naturally reduce stretch marks that are getting you down. 


Feel fantastic from head to toe with DiamondGlow!

Yes, that’s right, our DiamondGlow (formerly Envy) treatment can be used on the body, with its adjustable depth tip treating various concerns – the lower settings are chosen if you want to tackle stretch marks around the breasts and abdomen. 

DiamondGlow is also LOVED by patients for treating mild acne scarring, whilst leaving your skin feeling refreshed and re-energised. 

We ensure treatments are bespoke to you, whether you’re tackling scarring, stretch marks – or both! We may recommend a course of treatments for the most effective results or suggest a treatment combination for you.

Don’t forget, we’re always here for you! Our expert clinicians welcome any questions you have, and you can book a free, no-obligation consultation to discover more about your perfect treatment plan.

Remember, nothing beats experience – choose Birmingham’s most trusted clinic, Dermoperfection, for your aesthetic treatments!

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