Patient journey with Cosmelan at Dermoperfection

Mesoestetic Cosmelan is a revolutionary treatment that your skin deserves!

Want a truly effective solution to melasma, age spots, sun spots, superficial scars and uneven skin tone? Try Cosmelan’s skin peel, which is suitable for all skin tones and types, and produces life-changing, long-term results!

Requiring 10-12 days recovery time, this trademarked depigmentation solution promotes freshly healed healthy skin after a short period of intense peeling. 

Cosmelan targets the root cause of pigmentation, inhibiting the overproduction of tyrosinase so your skin remains beautifully clear in the months following treatment. 

What’s the experience of Cosmelan like for the patient though? Milly, who visited Dermoperfection for this treatment, says this:

“I can advocate for the transformative effects Cosmelan had upon my skin after trialling the treatment four months ago. My pigmentation issues came from years of using hair removal creams and laser treatments. I felt insecure and self-conscious about these markings on my face, so consequently would never go anywhere without foundation and heavy powder to cover these imperfections.

I visited Stu at Demoperfection for my initial Cosmelan consultation. Stu prescribed Cosmelan 1 (the initial skin peel) and Cosmelan 2 (the follow-up products). I had read up extensively on the intensity of the skin peel, along with the rave reviews of people across the world recommending the treatments, so I felt confident in my decision to proceed. 

Stu double-cleansed my skin to ensure the procedure was sterile. He then applied the thick mud-like coating of Cosmelan 1. I was worried l would feel some discomfort but in truth, the product smelt nice and goes on like any other mask, cooling and soothing. I was instructed to leave the product on my skin for 12 hours, it slowly dried and flaked, l washed off the residue and went to bed. Throughout the weeks that followed l adhered to phase 2, at-home treatments, these included the following.

Cosmelan 2: home depigmenting cream that intensifies the results of cosmelan 1, keeping melanin production under control and preventing the appearance of new skin spots.

Melan recovery: balm with soothing and restoring effect for sensitive and reddened skin. It helps soothe and restore the skin’s balance and comfort during the Cosmelan treatment.

Melan 130 pigment control: sunscreen with colour that helps control pigmentation. It protects the skin from broad-spectrum solar radiation and helps control skin pigmentation.

I was grateful for the masks l wore to work as a nurse, my skin did redden, flake and felt tight when l smiled or frowned. I kept my soothing balm with me at all times and rather than rubbing or picking at the skin, which can cause scarring, l simply applied the balm and avoided any makeup. 

Just as Stu had promised, after two weeks of peeling, a fresh, dewy skin shone through. The pigmentation above my upper lip l felt so embarrassed about was gone! The laser marks people previously had commented on had vanished, and my skin felt resurfaced. Today l wear the Mesoestetic sunscreen provided as part of the full Cosmelan treatment. l still don’t wear foundation and the compliments l receive about my skin have boosted my confidence. I can fully appreciate why Cosmelan receives 5-star reviews and acclaim across the world!”

If you would like to see the incredible effects from Cosmelan for yourself, get in touch and book a consultation with Birmingham’s most trusted clinicians at Dermoperfection’s medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

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