Profhilo – why is it so popular?

The future of skincare is here with our hugely popular Profhilo treatment!

But what makes Profhilo special? This tweakment offers subtle rejuvenation to those who want to tighten the skin and improve hydration subtly but effectively. Patients love the younger, dewy and glowing complexion they notice afterwards!

We have offered Profhilo in our medical skin and cosmetic clinic for 5 years now, and so many of our patients have enjoyed the naturally noticeable results, both as a standalone treatment and in combination with other aesthetic treatments, including DiamondGlow and professional skin peels.

Semi-permanent treatments like Profhilo are ideal if you are new to aesthetics, or want to switch to a more subtle alternative compared to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Many have dubbed Profhilo an “injectable moisturiser”, delivering hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin than any topical HA serum could; what makes it so moisturising is that it helps the skin hold onto water more effectively. 

This means bounce and plumpness will be restored in your skin, and you will notice an overall healthier complexion.

Profhilo is what we call a lunchtime treatment, so it really doesn’t take long to rejuvenate your skin! The procedure involves 10 perfectly placed injections to reach your skin goals – you may feel slight pain when it’s administered, but it soon subsides, plus there is little downtime following your appointment.

Most patients have two to three sessions a month apart to see optimal results, which then last up to 6 months, but you can book your top-ups with our expert team to keep the incredible effects going.

You can expect to see rejuvenated skin after only a week, but optimal results are typically seen after 6-8 weeks, as this allows time for collagen and elastin to regenerate.

Although many patients opt for Profhilo on the face, this can also be applied to the body, treating skin laxity in key areas such as the neck, decolletage, arms and abdomen.

Do you love the sound of this ultimate skin refresh inside and out? Book a free consultation with Birmingham’s expert Profhilo clinicians at Dermoperfection to discover more!

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