As seen on Olivia Attwood’s ‘The Price of Perfection’: EMSCULPT, the ultimate non-invasive butt lift

Have you seen EMSCULPT, Dermoperfection’s leading body sculpting treatment, on the buzzing ITVX documentary, ‘The Price of Perfection’ with reality star Olivia Attwood?

In the episode ‘Bottoms’, Olivia enjoyed an EMSCULPT session for lifting and toning the buttocks, all without surgery!

She had rave reviews for this treatment, saying: “In the bum episode I tried a couple of the non-surgical options, the EMSCULPT, all these energy powered machines are really changing the market.

“The mortality rate for BBL (Brazilian bum lift) is higher than any other surgery, my advice to anyone would be to try anything before that.”

This isn’t the first time Olivia has enjoyed the power of EMSCULPT, with her previously posting about this butt-lifting treatment, saying: “I do find gaining size and shape in this area particularly difficult, but one session is equivalent to 10,000-20,000 squats!

And that combined with healthy diet and workout routine, I’m seeing results that I never have before!”

To read more about the EMSCULPT butt lift and why it is the best, safe alternative to a BBL, check out our previous blog here.

More benefits of EMSCULPT

We LOVE EMSCULPT as the world’s only non-invasive procedure to lift and firm the buttocks – but this isn’t the only incredible benefit!

EMSCULPT can also be used to build muscle and burn fat on the arms, abdomen, legs and more, using HIFEM technology to achieve the same effects as exercise!

A single 30 minute session (perfect for fitting into your schedule!) causes thousands of muscle contractions to improve muscle strength and tone – these contractions are quite intense, but they ensure the muscles adapt to the conditions that create powerful results!

EMSCULPT is the perfect complement to your fitness goals, particularly if you’ve reached a weight loss or muscle building plateau. This is also popular to tone up after pregnancy or to rebuild muscle after injury!

For the full overview of EMSCULPT benefits and treatment information, head here

Why choose Dermoperfection for EMSCULPT in Birmingham?

Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s premium clinic, are your experts in body aesthetic treatments, and have performed many EMSCULPT sessions to build ultimate body confidence for our patients!

Valeria said: The clinic leading technology and therapists experience and knowledge makes this clinic the best in the West Midlands. I have been their client for a while now and recently completed an EMSCULPT treatment and couldn’t be any happier with the results.”

We offer both individual EMSCULPT treatments, or make the most of our exclusive EMSCULPT course offers!

Make today the day you start your journey to LOVING your body with EMSCULPT – book a consultation today at our clinic in The Mailbox, Birmingham!

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