Why choose EMSCULPT over a Brazilian butt lift?

Want the effects of a BBL but without surgery? Try EMSCULPT, the brand new treatment available at Dermoperfection to sculpt and tone the buttocks non-invasively!

Brazilian butt lifts have grown in popularity over the years, however they have been panned for being dangerous. Plus, with patients looking for a more natural look, treatments like EMSCULPT make a safer and more effective alternative.

BBLs are a surgical treatment, therefore involve incisions to create this fuller, more sculpted look. However, surgery comes with scarring and a downtime period – you can expect a recovery time of up to 6 weeks for a BBL.

EMSCULPT comes with very little downtime – other than mild discomfort in the first 2 days following treatment, you can resume normal life straight after treatment!

Another benefit of EMSCULPT is that you don’t require the extra deposit of fat needed for a Brazilian butt lift.

Instead, EMSCULPT uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contractions beyond what can be achieved at the gym. This builds the muscles and therefore has fabulous sculpting and toning effects.

Just one EMSCULPT session is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups!

And there’s more – EMSCULPT can be used beyond the butt, so you can enjoy these effects on the abs, abdomen and calves too! You can even combine multiple areas in one appointment so you can feel toned all over.

To read more about the pioneering EMSCULPT, head to our treatment page here.

Plus, EMSCULPT is a more cost effective alternative to BBL – a single session of EMSCULPT at our Birmingham clinic costs £300 (we typically recommend 4 sessions for optimal results), whereas the average cost of a BBL in the UK is £7000. We also have course offers available to maintain the incredible effects.

So if you want to tone up your butt with safe and stunning results, come along to Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s leading provider of EMSCULPT! Find us at Unit 56 The Mailbox in our purpose-built medical skin and cosmetic clinic.

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