“The tweakments I’m choosing now I’m 60”

Looking for your ideal tweakments for your 60s and better? Dermoperfection has got you!

Tweakments are non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments that still come with incredible rejuvenation effects. Patients across various age groups love tweakments, with those in their 60s often choosing them to turn back the hands of time naturally but effectively.

Alice Hart-Davis from the Tweakments Guide discusses the tweakments she’s loving for the new decade in her life! See what she has to say below…

Wrinkle relaxing toxin, to soften fine lines

“There’s a popular myth that you have to stop having toxin treatment at 60, because it ‘looks weird’ on older faces. Like I said, it’s a myth. I still have wrinkle lines – and stringy vertical bands of muscle in my neck, and over-worked jaw-clenching muscles – that I’d like to have softened.

“As long as your practitioner knows what they’re doing, and injects the right muscles with the right amount, toxin treatment will help a 60-plus face to look relaxed and more balanced. And, most importantly, not weird.”

Try at Dermoperfection: Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Fillers, for structure and soft volume

“Even though I know there is a good deal of residual filler in my face, age is still quietly removing volume from my face. So, I find a few thoughtful injections of dermal fillers helpful. Where? Along the jawline and in the chin, for better definition.

“Also, I’ve tried, and liked, a new hybrid filler called HArmonyCa. This is a dual effect product that combines hyaluronic acid to restore facial volume loss, with calcium hydroxyapatite which supports the production of collagen. This provides soft volume and stimulates the skin tissues to produce more of their own collagen. So, it helps soften the bits of my face that are starting to look gaunt.”

Try at Dermoperfection: HArmonyCa

Skin resurfacing treatments

“I wouldn’t do them the whole time, but the occasional laser, or plasma treatment, or RF needling session to reboot my skin texture and gee up collagen production to tighten the skin, is always helpful.”

Try at Dermoperfection: INTRAcel Pro

Skin-conditioning injectable moisturisers

“These are the jabs that give your skin back the glow and bounce which, by your 60s, is usually long gone. They’re all great for helping older skin hydrate, remodel itself, and produce more collagen and elastin. I’ll happily have any amount of them in my face, neck, décolleté and hands.”

Try at Dermoperfection: Profhilo

Pigment-busting treatments

“The slow build-up of pigmentation spots or the redness from thread veins is like a background hum that gets louder the older you are, so laser or IPL to reduce this a bit is something I always find useful.”

Try at Dermoperfection: BBL Moxi Laser (in collaboration with The Laser Fix)

The muscle-maintenance ones

“If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you’ll know I’ve been trying out a course of EMSELLA. This is the innocuous-looking chair that sends thousands of pulses of high-frequency electromagnetic energy into your pelvic floor muscles, to tone and tighten them. Why? To ward off stress incontinence, which I feel creeping up on me with age. I’ll be posting about this soon.

“Earlier in the year I did a course of EMSCULPT Edge, which uses the same HIFEM technology to work on the oblique muscles at the side of your abs. It’s the cheat’s way to strengthen muscles! I hasten to add that I do work out too, but this takes muscle-overload to a new level.”

Try at Dermoperfection: EMSELLA and EMSCULPT Neo

What to try next – Polynucleotides

“I’m particularly keen to try Polynucleotides, which are fragments of fish DNA purified into a product that is injected into the top layer of the skin, in the same way that you’d have an injectable moisturiser. And like those injectable moisturiser products, Polynucleotides encourage the skin to regenerate and produce more collagen and elastin, and improve hydration.

“Unlike injectable moisturisers, polynucleotides don’t contain any hyaluronic acid. Practitioners tell me they are great for use around the eyes, because they help improve the appearance of dark circles by strengthening the skin, without adding any volume (in the way that tear trough filler would do).”

Try at Dermoperfection: Plinest Polynucleotides

To read more about the most popular aesthetic treatments for your 60s at our Birmingham clinic, head here. And for a bespoke treatment plan based on your concerns and goals, book with our trusted clinicians today!


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