Your guide to MaiLi fillers!

Looking for natural looking enhancements from your fillers? Discover MaiLi at our leading injectables clinic in Birmingham!

What is MaiLi?

MaiLi hyaluronic acid filler is a game-changer in facial rejuvenation. It addresses core aspects of facial ageing, notably the bone structure and fat pads, providing a subtle yet transformative enhancement.

With its advanced Oxi-Free technology, MaiLi stands apart in its ability to mimic natural facial contours, ensuring a youthful and natural appearance. It’s about enhancing, not altering.

MaiLi fillers come with a promise of quality, safety and satisfaction. They even won two 2023 Safety In Beauty Awards!

As seen in Tatler Cosmetic Guide 2024

Sinclair, the brand behind MaiLi, conducted a survey, which found 97% of women believe they face judgement for the way they look. They also found that 61% have received negative comments about their appearance, and that a third have withheld their decision to have dermal fillers in fear of judgement.

These are sad but unsurprising statistics that we want to change! This is why we love the MaiLi MyPower Campaign, which celebrates women taking on judgement expressing their power.

The stigma around tweakments is always changing – and we’re here to help you feel your most confident in every aesthetic decision, made with our expert clinicians.

The results speak from themselves

MaiLi fillers before and after.

This patient was treated with 0.9ml of MaiLi Define in the lips. They also received 2ml of MaiLi Extreme in the chin giving a subtle lift to the volume in the lowerface.

Image courtesy of MaiLi

Results of MaiLi fillers

MaiLi’s entire portfolio continues to show high-performing results at 12 months – including exceptional longevity in lip treatments.

Significant improvement in GAIS is also still visible at 12 months. In fact, 81% of treated patients show improved, very improved or exceptionally improved results in that period – with no top-up treatment performed!

Why choose Dermoperfection for your MaiLi fillers?

Our leading West Midlands clinic only offers the most premium and trusted brands, and MaiLi is no exception.

All our filler treatments are performed by medically trained injectors. They will offer you a no-obligation consultation first to assess your suitability and discuss your goals.

We pride ourselves on our natural results, and will advise on the best time on top-ups based on safety and maintaining these subtle but noticeable enhancements.

You deserve the best, so start your confidence journey with MaiLi at Dermoperfection today!

Words from MaiLi by Sinclair

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