What is Total Tone Up in Birmingham?

Want to feel confident from head to toe this summer and beyond? A Total Tone Up awaits with two of Dermoperfection’s newest and in-demand treatments, EMFACE and EMSCULPT Neo!

What is Total Tone Up?

Total Tone Up is a combined treatment with the dynamic duo of EMFACE, for facial lifting and tightening, and EMSCULPT Neo, for advanced body sculpting and fat burning results.

What makes this duo so unique is that they’re completely non-invasive! So, get ready to experience all over confidence with no needles or downtime…

Image of man and woman having EMFACE and EMSCULPT Neo treatment.

Total Tone Up in the press

In May, NewBeauty featured Total Tone Up in How a New Mom in Her 40s Got a Full Body Tone-Up in Less Than 60 Minutes!

Katya Price, founder and CEO of DanceBody, experienced changes in her body she wanted to improve. This is why she chose “in-office” body sculpting treatments to complement her existing fitness routine. She said: “The physical changes of pregnancy and postpartum are so demanding on a woman’s body.”

She started with EMSCULPT Neo, a non-invasive procedure using HIFEM and RF technology for amazing effects. Each session produces up to 24,000 muscle contractions! Read more about it here.

Then she had EMFACE on the cheeks; during this treatment, HIFES energy lifts and sculpt facial contours and minimise wrinkles. Find out more about EMFACE here.

Summing up why so many women are turning to EMFACE and EMSCULPT Neo for a boost, Katya said: “Women should always do what makes them feel better, because that’s the most important measurement of all.”

This is also a popular treatment combination for men – everyone can enjoy toning up multiple areas of the body at one time, to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Choose a Total Tone Up at Dermoperfection

Since launching EMFACE and EMSCULPT Neo at our Birmingham clinic earlier this year, we have already helped many patients achieve the results they’ve always wanted to see, and without surgery!

Our team has over 13 years experience in the industry, and have performed over 35,000 treatments! Book here to achieve your Total Tone Up today at our premium clinic in The Mailbox.


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