What is EMFACE, now at Dermoperfection?

Get ready for a revolution in facial treatments, for less wrinkles, more lift!

Dermoperfection in Birmingham is proud to now offer EMFACE, the first device of its kind utilising the patented combination of synchronised RF and HIFES technologies to firm the framework of your face!

The synchronised RF (radiofrequency) heating remodels and smooths the skin by increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibres. HIFES (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation) tones the face-elevating muscles to restore and elevate your facial features.

Patients LOVE EMFACE as it’s a completely needle-free procedure that gives them natural but noticeable results in lifting and tightening the face, and creating a “snatched” look!

This has already become a celebrity favourite treatment too, with Kim Kardashian, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, Alicia Silverstone and Jessica Simpson (to name a few!) all raving about EMFACE’s effects!

How does EMFACE work?

Three pads are attached to your face and a grounding pad to your back, which is attached to the EMFACE machine. Don’t worry, as this is a minimally painful procedure! 

The HIFES energy generates thousands of pulses for muscle contraction, which will just feel like someone tapping your face. In the same way EMSCULPT works on the body, EMFACE does the same on the face!

This will in turn stimulate collagen production, so you can achieve tighter skin and see youthfulness restored!

Benefits of EMFACE 

There’s so many benefits to this game-changing facial treatment!

  • Uses pioneering 2in1 technology. 
  • Non-surgical and needle-free with no downtime. 
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and visibly lift the face. 
  • Quick treatment time, making it the perfect “lunchtime” treatment.
  • Minimal discomfort felt during treatment. 
  • Suitable for all genders. 
  • Safe for all skin types and tones. 
  • A great alternative to injectables and surgical face lifting treatments. 
  • Can be used as a preventative treatment too. 
  • Results that last for up to a year!

EMFACE can be used on a range of areas across the face where you have noticed fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, stubborn fat and loss of collagen. EMFACE is especially known for reducing the submentum (double chin), and can also be used on the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, neck and more!

You should see full results from your treatments in about 6-12 weeks following treatment, in which time your skin will be working its magic to boost collagen production!

You can even combine EMFACE with another of our new treatments from BTL Aesthetics, EMSCULPT Neo! This winning combination will have you feeling sculpted and toned from head to toe. 

To celebrate the launch of the groundbreaking EMFACE in-clinic, we have some exclusive offers for you, including EMFACE courses so you can maximise your results! Check them out here

See the future of non-surgical face sculpting here in Birmingham. Book your EMFACE today and invest in the most confident version of yourself!

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