Top 5 benefits of non-surgical treatments over surgery

Non-surgical treatments are getting more and more popular at Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s leading medical skin and cosmetic clinic…and for very good reason!

The range of non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments is bigger than ever; we offer the most trusted treatment names, including Profhilo, Belotero, Juvederm, INTRAcel Pro, ULTRAcel Q+, Mesoestetic Microneedling, DiamondGlow, EMSCULPT, EMSELLA and more!

These all provide the same incredible benefits that you would usually expect from surgery, all without the downsides associated!

Here’s Dermoperfection’s top 5 benefits of non-surgical treatments:

  • Minimal pain and discomfort

If you’re put off getting treatments due to the pain associated, we recommend non-surgical treatments! Instead of going under the knife, you can opt for injectables and other minimally invasive options. 

These often include built-in anaesthetic or we can provide an oral or topical anaesthetic. Plus, our precise technique means you’ll be wondering what you were worried about in the first place!

  • Quick treatment time and recovery

Instead of having to book time off work and dedicate days to treatment, non-surgical treatments can easily fit into your schedule – in fact, we class many of our non-surgical procedures as “lunchtime treatments” as they take half an hour or less!

And when your appointment is over, you don’t have plan time at home – you can resume most of your usual activities straight after! Our clinicians will however give you a few aftercare pointers to ensure the best recovery and results.

  • No incisions or scarring

Here at Dermoperfection, we are experts in natural rejuvenation – and if stitches and scarring have turned you off surgery, come to our clinic for one of our minimally invasive treatments that leave no telltale signs.

  • Less cost

Although we don’t recommend “cheap” treatments, as these are often less safe options, you can definitely save with Dermoperfection’s trusted treatments compared to surgical alternatives. We also have a range of exclusive course offers, that you can check out here

  • Less risk of complications

Especially with our highly trained Birmingham clinicians, the chance of complications from our treatments are minimal, which is more expected of surgery.

So whether you want to add youthfulness back to your skin, boost hydration, sculpt the body, treat concerns from acne to hyperpigmentation and more, we can help with our minimally invasive treatments!

And you can be assured you’re in the safest hands with our 5* reviews; Charlotte said: “Love this place. I really enjoy all the different treatments that they do. I highly recommend Dermoperfection.”

Book a consultation today to visit Birmingham’s most trusted non-surgical treatment providers!

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