The best all year round treatments at Dermoperfection

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about why our treatment range is so perfect for summer, but they actually have amazing effects all year round.

Some of Dermoperfection’s top picks for treatments suited to every season at our medical skin clinic include:


Profhilo is a fantastic treatment for summer, securing that coveted glow, but we also love it throughout the year!

Dubbed an “injectable moisturiser”, this is ideal if your skin feels dry and flaky when the sun absorbs the moisture from the skin. The cold air of winter can also dehydrate the skin, so Profhilo can revitalise it with a boost of hydration!

Of course, fine lines and wrinkles are something that can occur whatever the weather, and with Profhilo lasting for up to 9 months in the skin, you can see the anti-ageing effect past summer and into winter!

Envy (DiamondGlow) facial

Want to go bare-faced this summer? An Envy facial will extract the dirt, debris and bacteria from the skin to reveal stunning skin underneath that you can ditch the make-up for!

If you want to remove the dry upper layer of the skin during the colder months, Envy also works a treat! We even have a special course offer for 6 Envy treatments, so you can plan them to tackle your concerns for each season.


One of the reasons we LOVE Mesoestetic microneedling here at Dermoperfection is its versatility – and you can choose a solution for each season’s concerns!

For example, if hyperpigmentation is getting you down during summer, the depigmentation solution is here to help. And if the brisk weather of autumn and winter has caused havoc for your skin, the photoageing solution can lighten and brighten it to bring your glow back.

We also have a microneedling course offer for you to enjoy, so make sure you check it out!


ULTRAcel Q+ is one of the exclusive treatments at our Birmingham skin clinic that patients are loving all year long.

This uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to tighten, lift and contour the skin! If you want to love your summer body again, ULTRAcel Q+ can target stubborn fat deposits to tone the face and body.

The skin can also have a tendency to look older during autumn and winter, due to less sun exposure, but ULTRAcel Q+ boosts collagen production to reverse this for instantaneous youthfulness!


Obagi’s medical skin products are hugely popular for being suitable for all skin types – and we can tailor your skin routine for each season, for example if your skin is oilier in the summer and drier in the winter, the Obagi Nu-Derm system can cover this.

Plus, there’s essentials you’ll want all year round, from SPFs (yes, SPFs are recommended even beyond summer to prevent sun damage and premature ageing) to moisturisers.

These are just a few of our treatments we love every season, but our entire treatment range is here for your skincare goals no matter what time of year it is! Book a free consultation with us and let’s create your bespoke skin plan.

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