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Dermoperfection’s spring treatments 2024!

Spring is here, and so are Dermoperfection’s spring-ready treatments in Birmingham!

Wave goodbye to post-winter hang-ups and say hello to rejuvenation with our leading treatments and technologies, all performed by the city’s most-trusted clinicians.

Here’s just a few spring aesthetic treatment recommendations, but you can book up a consultation for a bespoke treatment plan!

SQT Bio Microneedling

Natural treatments with natural results are all the rage this spring, and you can’t get any more natural than SQT Bio Microneedling! This treatment uses microneedles made from freshwater sponge, which creates powerful results so you can love your fresh face this spring. 

This includes treating active acne (the only device of its kind to do so), hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, skin laxity, dull skin, melasma and more. 

Read more about SQT Bio Microneedling, only in Birmingham at Dermoperfection, here.

HydraFacial Syndeo

The post-winter refresh for “your best skin yet” is here! HydraFacials are a simple solution to dry, dull skin that needs a bit of TLC, using patented technology to cleanse, extract, hydrate and infuse the skin with serums. 

Other concerns treatable by HydraFacials include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, acne and skin oiliness, hyperpigmentation and more. That’s not all, as the Syndeo technology stores your skin’s story for ultimate personalisation every time!

Discover more about our HydraFacial Syndeo treatment here.

Plinest Polynucleotides

Hydration boosting injectables are another hot trend, which is why we’re loving Polynucleotides for spring! Dubbed “the freshest natural skin injectable”, these come from salmon DNA, closely resembling human DNA for subtle yet incredible results. 

Polynucleotides are also popular for tackling hyperpigmentation, rosacea, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, hair loss and more.

Find out about our Polynucleotide treatment in Birmingham here.


Feel good from head to toe as we shed the winter layers with the power of HIFU! ULTRAcel Q+ is a clinically proven, non-surgical way to lift and contour the body, with results that last up to 2 years. 

ULTRAcel Q+ is 3x faster than other HIFU treatments, so you can guarantee amazing results with a treatment that can easily be fitted into your spring schedule. 

Dermoperfection is the exclusive provider of ULTRAcel Q+ in the West Midlands – check it out here

PCA Skin peels

Skin peels aren’t just for winter! In fact, many patients love them for spring to slough off winter skin and uncover a fresh-faced glow.

PCA Skin’s peels are especially perfect for spring, as they are very gentle and come with little downtime. These help with hyperpigmentation, photoageing, acne scarring and more.

Read about our skin peels in Birmingham here.

Don’t forget our new treatments…


The filler and needle-free facial that’s set to become a spring (and all year) favourite at Dermoperfection!

EMFACE is a world-first treatment using both HIFES and RF energy for “less wrinkles, more lift”! This combats fine lines and wrinkles, tightens sagging skin and improves overall skin tone and texture, on the forehead, cheeks, double chin and more.

Take a look at more information about EMFACE here


Secure your most body confident spring and summer yet with the Neo way of body sculpting!

EMSCULPT Neo uses pioneering RF and HIFEM technology for “less fat, more muscle”. In just a 30 minute session, expect transformative results increased muscle mass and improved definition, on the arms, legs, flanks, abdomen and more.

Discover more about EMSCULPT Neo now in-clinic here

We also have a wide range of spring skincare essentials, from leading medical grade skincare brands Obagi, PCA Skin, Mesoestetic and our very own Skin Bitch line. View our online shop here

Bloom into your most confident self for spring – make today the day you start your skincare journey by booking with our experts, located at our premium clinic in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

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