Dermoperfection’s best treatments for hydrating the skin

Don’t let the change of seasons get to your skin – Dermoperfection offer the best hydrating treatments to prepare you for autumn and winter!

Many people experience dry, dehydrated skin at this time of year, which includes skin that looks and feels rough in texture, itchiness, slight to severe flaking or peeling, fine lines and cracks etc. Although some people always experience dry skin, it can become more apparent during the colder months.

One of our most loved treatments for hydration is Profhilo – this injectable is hyaluronic acid (HA) based, which is hydrophilic, so it draws and holds water from your body. This transforms dry, dull skin into luminous and glowing skin, whilst also having incredible anti-ageing effects!

Another of our hugely popular hyaluronic acid based treatments is dermal fillers – and Dermoperfection offers the best brands on the market, Juvederm and Aliaxin!

These fillers naturally bind with and store water, which is then slowly released into the surrounding cells and tissues, keeping your skin hydrated and nourished. They also volumise key areas, such as the lips and cheeks, and sculpt the jaw and chin.

Patients at our medical skin clinic love DiamondGlow (formerly Envy) facials! If your skin is looking dehydrated, this treatment infuses the skin with serums to tackle this. DiamondGlow extracts dry skin, dirt and debris, which can then be seen in your very own waste jar.

The clue is in the name with DiamondGlow – this treatment is one of the easiest ways to instantly bring back glowing skin!

Upgrading your daily skincare routine also ensures your skin stays hydrated, and we offer Obagi Medical products that are tailored to your skin concerns and goals! The Obagi Nu Derm normal to dry system contains all your must-haves, including a cleanser, toner and SPF.

These work together to tackle uneven skin tone, dull complexion, roughness and fine lines/wrinkles for healthy, hydrated skin!

These are just a few of Dermoperfection’s recommendations for keeping your skin happy and hydrated, but to discover more of our glow restoring options, book a free consultation at our Birmingham clinic today.

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