Dermoperfection’s best body treatments in Birmingham!

We aren’t just experts in facial treatments at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic – we also have the best body confidence treatments in Birmingham!

We’re here for you whether you want to tackle stubborn fat, tone the body, treat signs of ageing beyond the face, tackle skin concerns across the body including acne and pigmentation, and more!

Here’s our favourite non-surgical body treatments at our Birmingham clinic:

EMSCULPT – EMSCULPT is the body sculpting treatment you NEED to try, building muscle and burning fat in the same way exercise does – each session is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups!

Some of the areas you can see the powerful results from EMSCULPT include the abs, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. And in as little as 4 sessions, you can expect a 16% increase in muscle mass and 19% average fat reduction.

Discover more about EMSCULPT in Birmingham here.

Profhilo – our favourite skin boosting injectable doesn’t only boost hydration and remodel the skin on the face  – enquire with us about our Profhilo Body treatment, bringing ultimate rejuvenation to the neck, decolletage, arms, abdomen and more!

So if you want to say goodbye to sagging skin on the body without surgery, choose Profhilo at Dermoperfection – we were one of the very first clinics to be trained in this pioneering treatment!

Read more about Profhilo in Birmingham here

DiamondGlow – another treatment you may not have known can be used on the body is the DiamondGlow hydrafacial, formerly known as Envy! Feel fabulous from head to toe, and treat skin and body concerns on the chest, back, shoulders, arms and more.

As well as restoring your glow, DiamondGlow treats a range of concerns including sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and acne across the face and body.

We’re exclusive providers of DiamondGlow in Birmingham – find out more here.

ULTRAcel Q+ – we have the world’s fastest HIFU at our clinic, bringing you ultimate body confidence! ULTRAcel Q+ is a state-of-the-art lifting and tightening treatment, which is loved for contouring the body and targeting stubborn fat deposits.

ULTRAcel Q+ body treatment areas include the arms, legs, stomach, back and more. This HIFU treatment is also famous for its long-lasting results that you can see for up to 2 years!

Discover more about ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU in Birmingham here.

INTRAcel Pro our exclusive radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment is here to boost your body confidence, with its radically enhanced effect in skin lifting, tightening and resurfacing.

If you’re concerned about body acne and scarring, the thermal energy from this treatment destroys the cause of acne, whilst resurfacing texture. INTRAcel Pro also helps with unwanted bulges after weight loss or pregnancy, sagging skin, stretch marks and more!

Read about INTRAcel Pro in Birmingham here.

Green Laser Lipo – just launched at Dermoperfection, Green Laser Lipo is the groundbreaking full body fat loss treatment that’s making waves, especially as it’s the ONLY non-invasive fat reduction device to treat a BMI of up to 40!

The Green Laser doesn’t burn or freeze fat, but rather it empties the fat cells of its content to shrink fat and inches – expect an average circumference loss of 6” within just 4 weeks after treatment! 

Find out more about Green Laser Lipo in Birmingham here.

Coming in 2024, we’re so excited to be launching Dermoperfection Body and Laser Studio, an expansion of our main clinic. This will be the perfect space to welcome our patients for these body confidence boosters!

Don’t forget to check out our 5* reviews too – David said: “This is the best clinic I’ve ever been to with fantastic results on their treatments, wouldn’t go anywhere else! Been using Stuart for the last 15 years, Stuart and his team are friendly, the service is professional and excellent with the  best results. I give five stars.”

Begin your body confidence journey today with Dermoperfection’s most trusted Birmingham clinicians – find us in The Mailbox!

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