Celebs are loving P-R-P for rejuvenation!

P-R-P for rejuvenation is a celebrity favourite treatment – but what is it and which famous faces love it?

P-R-P (also known as the “vampire facial”) extracts your own blood, then utilises the good stuff for increasing collagen production, improving skin texture and creating tighter, fuller and smoother skin.

One of the celebrities loving this therapy is Kate Beckinsale! When questioned about how she keeps her skin so youthful at 50, she spoke about choosing P-R-P for its collagen boosting effects.

She said: “I do like P-R-P, when they take your blood. That’s a real thing, from your own body. But not with scary poisonous things!”

Ferne McCann also spoke about her P-R-P experience, saying: “Because of the anesthetic, you hardly feel anything. It’s a really good feeling. It feels like it’s going to make you look amazing and do wonders to the skin.”

They’re not the only ones who are all about P-R-P! Other celebrities that have chosen this ultimate non-surgical rejuvenation treatment include Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Hailey Bieber, Rupert Everett, and Bar Refaeli!

P-R-P is also a favourite treatment on Netflix’s ‘Skin Decisions: Before and After’!

Why choose Dermoperfection for your P-R-P treatment?

Want to be in the safest, most skilled hands for your P-R-P? Look no further than the most trusted clinic in the West Midlands!

Your P-R-P treatment will be performed by a medically trained injector, with a personalised approach based on your unique concerns and goals. This is determined during your bespoke consultation prior. 

We are very proud to use the Arthrex double syringe system, which guarantees the purest quality of P-R-P! This is also used as a hair restoration treatment – find out more about P-R-P for hair loss here.

Image listing the benefits of P-R-P treatment.

Our 5* reviews are another reason why you should put your trust in us – Cecilia said: My experience at this clinic has been life-changing. After trying out a few different methods to rejuvenate my facial features at 40, I hit the jackpot when I went in for my consultation.

“I no longer worry and scare myself when I wake every morning. And OMG!! Not to mention the staff were so helpful, warm and welcoming. Thank you!”

Unlock your skin’s potential and achieve the rejuvenated, radiant complexion you have always dreamed of with P-R-P! Join us today at our premium clinic in The Mailbox, Birmingham. 

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