Can a face lift really ever be pain-free?

We love shouting about the best non-surgical alternatives to face lifts, especially those available at our Birmingham clinic!

And we loved this Daily Mail piece about one of our newest and most in-demand treatments – check it out below:

Q: Are there any natural ‘face lifting’ treatments that work but don’t involve injections or pain? I want to look just a bit perkier.

A: Most treatments for sagging skin are ‘natural’ as they apply heat to trigger your body’s own healing collagen response to tighten and lift moderately lax skin. But yes, this process does involve some downtime. 

However, EMFACE treatments don’t!

Like EMSCULPT, an equivalent for the body which can give toned abs or a bum lift, these machines use high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation: electric pulses that make facial muscles contract thousands of times per 20-minute session.

Over four treatments, this effort-free ‘face yoga’-on-steroids (pads are stuck to your forehead and cheeks and you feel a sort of ticklish pressure) strengthens and shortens your muscles, giving visible lift for up to a year. 

Credit: Inge van Lotringen / Daily Mail

More about EMFACE

EMFACE, a BTL Aesthetics treatment, is a world-first, state-of-the-art facial harnessing a patented combination of HIFES and RF energy.

This penetrates deep into the skin’s layers, promoting cellular renewal and rejuvenation! EMFACE treatment areas include the submentum (double chin), cheeks and forehead.

Transform your skin and see “less wrinkles, more lift” – take a look at the results you can expect here.

Male and female patients have been LOVING EMFACE since we added it to our pioneering treatment range. Trudie said: “Had the new EMFACE at Dermoperfection with Stu at The Mailbox. Face lift without surgery and no downtime and pain-free. Results are amazing. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, will be booking in again. Thank you guys!”

Expect incredible outcomes with every EMFACE treatment, or you can maximise effects with one of our exclusive course offers! Check them out here.

We can’t wait for you to join us at our leading West Midlands clinic to achieve the face lifting results you’ve always wanted, without even going under the knife!

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