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How we create a more defined jawline with our male patients!

Looking to create a more masculine look or a “power profile”? Perhaps you are looking to restore definition to your jawline? Well you’re in safe hands with our medically trained team!

We all want to feel our very best, so if you see something you are not happy with, we can help. Lack of definition in the jawline is a common complaint, and dermal fillers are a great, instant treatment to add or restore lost definition.

Losing definition in the jawline is often down to genetics, however it can also be because of a loss of collagen and elastin due to age, as collagen production tends to slow down once we reach 25. This can also be caused by health conditions like osteoporosis, or facial trauma/injuries.

But our medical team is here to help with the perfect placement of dermal fillers to give the most natural looking results! This injectable is used to enhance, contour and define facial features, with instantaneous results.

At Dermoperfection, we only use the leading dermal filler brands, including Juvéderm. Their world-renowned fillers are hyaluronic acid based, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body, meaning your filler results will look natural!

How long do the jaw filler results last? Well, that depends on the individual, however you can expect jawline fillers to last for up to 18 months! Then you can book top-ups to maintain these incredible results. 

For each patient, we create a bespoke treatment plan – you can also combine other dermal filler goals into one appointment, such as adding volume or balance to the lips, filling fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and projecting your eyebrows and adding volume to the temples.

If you are looking for the best clinic to perform your jawline fillers procedure, visit us at Dermoperfection, in The Mailbox, Birmingham.

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