All you need to know about Profhilo aftercare

What should I expect following Profhilo? This is what we are often asked about one of our most popular injectable treatments at Dermoperfection!

As Profhilo is minimally invasive, you can expect little downtime and can resume most normal life shortly after, however we do have some aftercare recommendations so you can see optimal results.

Avoid rubbing the skin too hard

You may see small deposits initially after treatment, but this usually settles after a few hours. You don’t need to massage the skin for this to go down. 

Don’t go to the gym straight away

We suggest for the first 24 hours following treatment to avoid strenuous exercise, so you can give Profhilo time to work and to avoid it spreading to unintended areas. We also recommend not visiting any spas or saunas in this time. 

Schedule for when you’re having a night in

This is because make-up should not be worn for the first 24 hours, and alcohol should be avoided in this time too, as it increases the risk of bruising. 

And book in advance of any trips

Since extreme temperatures can affect the healing process following Profhilo, ensure you book your Profhilo treatment at least two weeks in advance of holidays (this will also mean you see optimal results whilst you are away)!

Use a daily SPF to protect your skin

We believe SPFs should be used daily no matter if you have had a treatment or not, or what time of year it is, but it is especially important to protect your skin following Profhilo, as it will be more sensitive. Here at Dermoperfection, we have SPFs from leading medical skincare brands like Obagi and PCA Skin!

Use arnica to clear bruising

It’s normal to see slight bruising following any injectable treatment, so arnica can be helpful when this appears. Do not use ibuprofen or aspirin in the first 48 hours to soothe the side effects. You may also benefit from using a cool compress on the skin following your Profhilo treatment (do not apply ice directly to skin though).

Do not book in for other aesthetic treatments for the first two weeks post-treatment

This includes facials, skin peels, microneedling, waxing and IPL. However, trusted clinicians like at Dermoperfection will never book a patient in when it is not safe to do so. 

These are our top aftercare pointers following Profhilo, but we will run through everything you need to know during your consultation. And if you have more questions, feel free to ask our expert team!

Want to try Profhilo and love your skin again with this revolutionary treatment? Book today with Birmingham’s most trusted Profhilo clinicians!

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