Dermoperfection founder Stu Logan.

Behind the Glow: Stu Logan

This month, Dermoperfection’s founder and director Stu featured in ‘Behind the Glow’, a blog for PCA Skin professionals! Check it out below:

Welcome back to the series Behind the Glow where we take 10 mins with one of our brand ambassadors to get to know them and all their PCA Skin gossip.

Introducing our next ambassador of the series, Stuart Logan the Clinical Director of Dermoperfection Medical, Skin & Cosmetic Clinic based in The Mailbox, Birmingham. Stu’s journey began in the NHS, where he honed his skills in emergency and acute medicine. With extensive experience in senior clinical and operational roles across various specialities and organisations, Stu’s expertise shines through in every treatment he performs.

What inspired you to become an ambassador for PCA Skin?

I was inspired to become an ambassador for PCA Skin because of the brand’s indication-led, results-driven approach to skincare and professional peels. Introducing PCA Skin into my practice was a game changer as it allowed me to offer my patients a home care product range that I had full confidence in, delivering results tailored to their needs and transforming their skin. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from my patients has been incredible.

Growing alongside the brand in the industry, I feel a strong connection to PCA Skin and believe it has been a significant part of my professional journey. Becoming an ambassador allows me to further amplify this amazing brand and collaborate with the incredible team behind it.

Can you highlight some of your personal hero products in the PCA Skin line-up?

There are so many, but I’ll try to crunch it down to:
1. Pigment or Blemish Bar: These product do exactly what it promises for the skin. Simple to use, yet deliver outstanding results. Patients love them for the long-lasting effects and incredible value.

2. Hydrating Serum: Personally, this is my favourite. Not only does it have a refreshing and nourishing scent, but it also provides a lightweight, plumping effect, serving as the perfect pre-moisturiser glow base. It’s ideal for achieving that coveted ‘dewy skin’.

3. Clearskin: This product stands out as my favourite for patients with blemish-prone or problematic skin. It’s a hard-working solution that offers soothing, barrier-building, hydrating, and blemish control properties all in one. Even troubled skin can tolerate it well, and patients notice significant improvements after just a few uses.

4. All the SPFs!: As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve had my share of struggles
with SPF products. However, every PCA Skin SPF I’ve tried has been non reactive, providing a glowing, non-clogging, breathable, and excellent protective barrier. It’s no wonder they’re best-sellers!

5. Retinol Range: Thanks to its encapsulated technology, this range is
incredibly well-tolerated by the skin. It releases active ingredients effectively, making it a highly effective treatment that’s gentle on the skin.

6. Vitamin B3 Eye Brightening Cream: This product is like a glow-up for the eyes! It’s superb at revitalizing and brightening the delicate eye area.

Are there any unique or signature ingredients that you love from PCA Skin?

Absolutely! When it comes to unique or signature ingredients from PCA Skin, I have to rave about their peels! They’re truly unmatched. Self-neutralising, condition-led, gentle yet incredibly effective, these peels pack a powerful punch.

What sets them apart is their versatility-the ability to combine, layer and tailor them to each individual’s needs. These qualities make them stand out as exceptional tools in achieving transformative results for my patients’ skin.

PCA Skin treatment combinations.

Are there any specific products combination or routines you swear by?

Absolutely! When it comes to specific product combinations or routines, I always advise my patients to identify 2-3 hero products that work best for their skin and stick with them. It’s about finding the right combination tailored to their individual needs to achieve the desired results.

Whether it’s addressing specific concerns or maintaining overall skin health, personalised combinations are key to unlocking the full potential of their skincare regimen.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to using the brand?

For someone new to using the brand, my advice would be to allow the experience to unfold gradually. The PCA Skin team is fantastic, their training is top-notch, and the products speak for themselves.

Begin by introducing one product at a time to new customers, allowing them to experience its benefits firsthand. As their confidence in the brand grows, they’ll naturally be inclined to explore and invest in additional products.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for retailing skincare?

When it comes to retailing skincare, integrating it into your treatment plan is key. I often emphasize to patients that while 10% of the work happens in the clinic, the remaining 90% relies on their skincare routine at home. It’s crucial to discuss skincare as not just a product, but as the essential aftercare following their treatment.

By framing it in this way, patients better understand the importance of consistent skincare practices to maintain and enhance the results achieved during their professional treatments.

Top selling PCA Skin products at Dermoperfection.

Can you share any success stories of PCA Skin activity in your clinic? (an event/launch or promotion for example)

Our most successful promotion is always, when patients purchase a package of 3 professional peels, they receive a complimentary retail skincare product to enhance their at-home regimen.

This is the perfect opportunity to get patients investing in their skin’s health. Witnessing the improvements with our expert treatments and enjoy the added benefit of high-quality products tailored to your skincare needs.

If you could create a product you feel is missing from the range, what
would it be?

Definitely a neck cream, for firming! Oh, and a scalp hydrator, people arereally seeking this currently from the brands which treat their skin.

What is your holy grail skincare tip?

My ultimate skincare tip? Apply your hyaluronic acid serums on damp skin! Trust me, it makes an incredible difference.

Stu Logan signature.

Dermoperfection is a PCA Skin ambassador clinic and flagship store in Birmingham. For a bespoke skincare consultation, book here.

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