Why are anti-wrinkle injections one of the top aesthetic treatments?

Why are anti-wrinkle injections so popular? These are always a trending aesthetic treatment, with patients loving the anti-ageing effects it brings!

Aesthetic treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty without the need for surgery – anti-wrinkle injections have previously been associated with a “frozen face” look, but with leading clinicians like ours, you can see subtle but noticeable results.

These are some other reasons why anti-wrinkle injections are so popular:

They reduce the signs of ageing

This is probably the main reason why they are so popular! Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscle that causes fine lines and wrinkles. When you choose a trusted practitioner, you will look youthful but still maintain facial expressions!

They are minimally invasive

There’s no going under the knife – this treatment is an injectable, which causes minimal discomfort. We can also offer a numbing cream to help reduce any pain. You don’t even have to wait between your consultation and procedure – if we have decided you are suitable for anti-wrinkle injections, you can have your treatment on the same day!

They boost confidence

Published research has shown a link between your mood and anti-wrinkle injections, and here at Dermoperfection, we love being able to restore confidence in your own skin!

They are quick to administer

This is dependent on how many areas you plan to treat, but most anti-wrinkle injection appointments take less than 30 minutes. This is why they are dubbed “lunchtime treatments”, as they easily fit into your busy schedule – read about all our lunchtime treatments here.

There is little downtime

We advise you to take care around the treatment area in the first 24 hours, however after this, you can resume normal life fully! For more anti-wrinkle injection aftercare, click here.

They are long-lasting

You can expect the incredible effects of anti-wrinkle injections for up to 6 months, and you can then book top-ups to maintain these results! You don’t have to worry about your skin looking more wrinkled once they have worn off – many patients report their baseline skin looks more youthful than before.

They can be preventative too

As well as treating existing deep fine lines and wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections can also prevent the first signs of ageing from developing further – this is typically suitable for patients aged mid-20s to 30s.

We use the number one treatment brand for your anti-wrinkle aesthetic treatment – we are proud to only offer the most trusted names at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic.

For more about all our aesthetic treatments, read the blog here. And to rejuvenate your skin and confidence with anti-wrinkle injections, book your consultation with our expert clinicians today.

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