Turn up the volume with Aliaxin!

One of the signs of ageing is a loss of volume in the skin – but we know just the way to restore it with Aliaxin fillers!

Aliaxin is one of the trusted brands of fillers our medical professionals use here at Dermoperfection; this is a complete intradermal range containing ultrapure hyaluronic acid to seamlessly integrate into the skin. This is manufactured in Italy, meaning the quality is second to none!

If you’re looking to bring back youthfulness, the Aliaxin EV (Essential Volume) filler is ideal for restoring partial volume deficits, correcting asymmetries and nose imperfection, and obtaining a more defined jawline.

Another way to bring back the volume is with Aliaxin SV (Super Volume), which corrects important volume deficits and redefines contours.

If you want to focus on enhancing your lips, Aliaxin LV (Lips Volume) restores elasticity and obtains the ideal level of volumisation.

With the power of Aliaxin, your natural beauty is volumised and sculpted, so you can ditch the filter and feel confident with filler!

We truly believe these fillers are perfect for creating the “best version of you”, and since we are a CQC regulated medical skin clinic, you can be assured you are in the safest hands for achieving these rejuvenating results.

To find out which areas can be volumised for you by Aliaxin, or if you have any more questions about these fillers, book your free consultation with the Dermoperfection team today.

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