The most in-demand treatments at Dermoperfection

Here at Dermoperfection, we love to keep you updated on which treatments patients are loving the most at our Birmingham skin clinic.

Our most in-demand treaments currently include:


Profhilo has a world class approach to anti-ageing, so it’s no wonder that it is in-demand here at Dermoperfection!

This innovative treatment works directly on skin laxity and combines bio-remodelling with a tightening effect. Profhilo also provides deep down hydration, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for a long-lasting youthful glow!

Dermal fillers

As non-surgical alternatives to address signs of ageing become more and more popular, we recommend dermal fillers to fill out the fine lines and wrinkles and provide instant rejuvenation.

Fillers can also be used for the lips, and with our leading brands, Juvederm and Aliaxin, you will see naturally defined results for your lip augmentation.

INTRAcel Pro

INTRAcel Pro is a revolutionary treatment for skin rejuvenation, using radiofrequency microneedling to combat your skin concerns with ease!

Patients LOVE this treatment as it tackles sagging skin over the body, acne, scarring, unwanted bulges after weight loss and pregnancy, and more!

What makes INTRAcel Pro even more in-demand at our skin clinic? We are exclusive providers of the treatment in the West Midlands, so you cannot find these amazing results elsewhere!

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections remain one of the most in-demand treatments for treating skin laxity. These are commonly used for the crow’s feet, frown lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds and hollow cheeks.

When administered by our expert clinicians, you can say goodbye to deep wrinkles and hello to a beautiful, naturally youthful appearance.

ULTRAcel Q+ 

Another of our exclusive treatments is ULTRAcel Q+, a state-of-the-art, clinically proven non-surgical HIFU treatment for lifting, tightening and contouring the skin.

What makes this HIFU treatment so unique is that it reaches the muscle layer where structural weakening begins, targeting concerns surgery usually only gets to. This is highly effective for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tackling stubborn fat and more on the face and body.

These are the treatments creating a real buzz at the moment, however if you want to explore all the options at our medical skin clinic, why not book your free consultation?

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