The do’s and don’ts of dermal fillers

Considering a filler treatment here in Birmingham?

Dermal fillers are hugely in-demand for their versatility and highly effective results, however there are a few do’s and don’ts to make sure you’re in the safest hands and achieve the effects you desire.

DON’T go to an unqualified practitioner

The Dermoperfection clinicians have years of experience and training, so we have perfected our fillers technique for safe and effective results. If you go to someone less qualified, you may end up with botched or even harmful results. Read more about choosing a filler practitioner here.

DO choose the most trusted treatment brands

Guarantee the best results from your fillers with world renowned treatment brands – we offer Juvederm and Belotero fillers at our medical skin and cosmetic clinic, as they are hyaluronic acid (HA) based so integrate seamlessly into the skin. 

DON’T take over-the-counter painkillers before your appointment

As painkillers thin the blood, you ll be more prone to bleeding and bruising should you take these beforehand. Both our filler brands contain lidocaine, a built-in anaesthetic, so you can expect minimal discomfort!

DO follow our aftercare advice

We’re the experts for a reason – you can resume most of your normal activities straight after receiving fillers, but there’s a few things that speed up recovery and achieve desired results, such as avoiding rubbing or massaging the treatment area, and using SPF to protect the skin from direct sunlight. 

You can find out more in our filler FAQs here.

DON’T be disheartened if you don’t see optimal results straight away

You will see an improvement straight after treatment, but fillers can take up to 4 weeks to fully integrate into the skin and work their magic. It’ll be worth it, we promise!

DO take a look at our filler reviews!

Emily said: “I cannot recommend Dermoperfection enough, whether you’re after skincare treatments or filler/botox you will not be disappointed. Keep up the good work!”

So if you DO want to start your filler journey at Dermoperfection, don’t hesitate to book up your appointment at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic today!

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