How does EMSCULPT help with diastasis recti?

Feeling self-conscious about your belly pooch? This may be diastasis recti, which is treatable with the EMSCULPT treatment available at our Birmingham medical skin and cosmetic clinic!

What is diastasis recti? This is where too much pressure in the abdominal area causes your left and right stomach muscles to widen. This is most common after pregnancy, with two thirds of women experiencing this in the final trimester and 40% of women at 6 months postpartum. 

However, this condition is not exclusive to women, with men often experiencing it too. Other causes include weight fluctuation, ageing and genetics. 

This can have some side effects, including discomfort and pain in the abdomen, lower back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. This also can affect the ability to perform daily activities and workout.

However, our expert team of clinicians can help with our brand new EMSCULPT treatment! This is predominantly known for sculpting and toning the body, but is clinically proven to treat mild to moderate cases of diastasis recti. 

There are so many benefits to EMSCULPT, including the fact that it is painless and is both non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning very little downtime from this treatment.

If you’re wondering how EMSCULPT for diastasis recti works, it uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contractions – just one half an hour session is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups!

These contractions help the body rejuvenate the rectus abdominal muscles, closing the gap and thus making the muscles bigger and stronger.

For optimal results from EMSCULPT, we recommend a course of 4 treatments. Following this, our clinicians will advise you on when to book top-ups, which is dependent on your goals.

To discover more about this treatment, head to our treatment page here.

And if you want to find out if EMSCULPT is the treatment for you, we are offering FREE 10 minute taster sessions at our Birmingham clinic! We have limited availability on these, so book yours up soon to see the powerful results for yourself.

Don’t let diastasis recti or ANYTHING hold you back – come along to Dermoperfection today and let’s start your journey to the most empowered you.

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