Welcome to Dermoperfection – we are so excited to take you on your skincare journey with anti-wrinkle injections!

Anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, with patients loving the naturally smoother look they create.

Restore youthfulness with Birmingham’s most trusted and experienced clinicians at Dermoperfection. Find out our most frequently asked questions about anti-wrinkle injections below. 

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to block the transmission of signals from the nerve ending to the muscle. This results in the reduction of the appearance of dynamic fine lines and wrinkles (these are the ones caused by muscle activity). We use the leading brand of anti-wrinkle injections on the market, Botox.

Where can they be used?

Some of the main treatment areas where anti-wrinkle injections are used for younger-looking skin include the cheeks, perioral lines (around the lips), nasolabial folds (between the mouth and nose), marionette lines (between the mouth and chin), crow’s feet (around the eyes) and frown lines (between the eyebrows).

Can I have anti-wrinkle injections in more than one area?

Yes! Many patients opt to get anti-wrinkle injections in more than one area during their appointment.

How long does it take?

This depends on your individual treatment plan, but it usually takes less than 20 minutes to perform. We will ask you to pull some facial expressions so we can understand your facial muscles, then we will disinfect the skin and mark the injection sites ready for treatment. 

Does it hurt?

You may experience mild discomfort during your treatment, but this can be minimised with anaesthetic creams, cold packs or paracetamol. Many patients report that anti-wrinkle injections are less painful than they expected!

How quickly will I see results?

In general results will begin to be visible within just 3-4 days, however you can expect to wait 2 weeks to see optimal results.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

Anti-wrinkle injections typically last for  typically 3 – 4 months, but environmental factors can alter this, including exercise, sun exposure etc. Men can expect a slightly shorter time due to having more dense muscles. You can book a top-up when fine lines and wrinkles begin to reappear. 

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Anti-wrinkle injections are very safe when administered by an experienced and medically qualified practitioner. This is why we discourage you from looking for cheap injections – you may end up with undesirable or even harmful results. Visiting Dermoperfection here in Birmingham means you actually save more in the long run, as you won’t need to correct botched results, as our expert clinicians will ensure you are injected safely and effectively!

Can men get anti-wrinkle injections?

Absolutely! We are seeing more male patients visiting us here in Birmingham to create a naturally smoother look. Just note that due to the density of your muscles, you may see the results for less time than our female patients. 

What do I need to tell my practitioner prior to treatment?

During your consultation, please inform us if:

  • You are suffering any illness or are taking medication.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have had problems in the past with anti-wrinkle injections.
  • You have any inflammation in the muscles or skin.
  • You have had problems swallowing.
  • You have had surgery that may affect the area treated, or have any operations pending.

What can I expect after the treatment?

There may be slight swelling, bruising or redness in the first couple of days following treatment, however this usually subsides quickly. There are a few aftercare pointers to keep in mind so you experience minimal discomfort and achieve the most desired results:

  • Do not rub or massage the treated area for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Cleanse your face gently in the evening after treatment.
  • Do not apply make-up for the first 4 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid physical exercise and saunas on the day of treatment. 

Adverse effects are very rare, but tell your practitioner immediately if you have difficulty swallowing, breathing, speaking, experience muscle weakness or have an allergic reaction. 

Do wrinkles get worse after anti-wrinkle injections wear off?

No! Repeated applications in the same location can, however, have the effect of lessening the need to reapply to relax the muscle. Therefore, wrinkles cannot become worse after stopping anti-wrinkle injections, and can look better than their initial state.

What’s the difference between anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

Both of these treatments are injectables often used for restoring youthfulness, but anti-wrinkle injections relax muscle movement whereas the clue is fillers’ name – they fill out these fine lines and wrinkles! Our medical professionals are here to help you choose between these treatments during your no-obligation consultation. 

Do you love the sound of stunning smooth skin? We can help! Our medical professionals have 12 years and over 25,000 treatments behind them, so there’s no better place to go for your anti-wrinkle injections – book your consultation with us today.

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