Celebrating National Age Without Apology Month with Dermoperfection!

June marks National Age Without Apology Month, and here at Dermoperfection, we love to embrace ageing and help you feel more confident as you get older!

We are Birmingham’s specialists in natural rejuvenation, with a range of leading non-surgical treatments all performed by our team of highly trained clinicians. 

One of the buzzing terms at the moment is pro-ageing – but what is pro-ageing?

This term takes anti-ageing and highlights the positives even more! Ageing is a privilege, and you can do it in the best way possible by working with the body and its natural defences instead of against it.

Some of our top pro-ageing treatments include:

Profhilo – a key part of pro-ageing is working with more natural treatments, and you can’t do it better than with Profhilo, which is a hyaluronic acid based injectable – HA naturally occurs in the body, so you can guarantee safe and subtle revitalisation.

Not only does Profhilo act as an “injectable moisturiser”, but it also remodels the sagging skin on the face AND body – read all about the Profhilo skin booster here.

Silhouette Soft – pro-ageing also promotes non-surgical alternatives to the likes of face lifts, and with the Silhouette Soft suture lift, you will see a corrected and tightened midface, jawline, eyebrows and neck all without going under the knife! Take a look at the treatment details here.

DiamondGlow – we all deserve glowing skin – but as we get older, the skin gets drier due to less natural oils, sun damage and other factors. Enter DiamondGlow (was Envy), the ultimate hydrafacial with 3in1 technology to extract, exfoliate and infuse, for an instant and long lasting glow! Find out more about the DiamondGlow facial here.

EMSCULPT – we don’t just specialise in treatments for the face, and you deserve to feel body confident even if your body has changed with age. EMSCULPT is the ideal treatment for all ages to reduce fat and sculpt the body, with powerful results equivalent to 20k sit-ups. Discover more about EMSCULPT here.

Obagi/PCA Skin – it’s never too late to invest in your bespoke daily skincare routine, and here at Dermoperfection, we have an unbeatable range of medical grade skincare from top brands including Obagi and PCA Skin, that can help treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydrated skin and so much more.

Here at our Birmingham medical skin and advanced aesthetics clinic, we are committed to creating the “best version of you” – we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, performing over 30,000 treatments in this time! 

Adam said: I am really grateful for the treatments I have had from Dermoperfection – I haven’t dealt with ageing very well and the team have truly helped with this journey!”

So if you’re ready to embrace ageing with our leading aesthetic services, book your consultation today.

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